Aqua Illumination Hydra LED

How many Hydra 32s do I need?

One Hydra 32 can cover up to a 24" x 24" area and be strong enough to support LPS and soft corals.  If keeping SPS, you really should use one Hydra 32 for every 15" x 15" square area. The bottom line, it just depends on your tank dimensions and the type of corals you want to keep.  If you are interested in keeping predominantly SPS corals, the Hydra 64 may be a better option and prove to be more economical because you won't need as many fixtures.

  • SPS dominant aquarium: One Hydra 32 per 12"-15" of tank length. 
  • LPS, soft coral, and mixed reef tanks: One Hydra 32 per 24" of tank length. 

For tanks measuring more than 24" wide, front to back, you're going to need two rows of Hydra 32s. Alternatively, you could add some supplemental T5 lights or LED strip lights to run down each side helping you cover that wider spread.

How many watts is the Hydra 32?

The Hydra 32 will use a maximum of 90 watts.

How high should I mount the Hydra 32?

During our BRStv Investigates, Randy found the optimal mounting height to be 12" - 14" from the water's surface. This will provide the most efficient spread and minimize the center hotspot as much as possible. 

Watch Video: Hydra 32HD versus Hydra 64HD? Will multiple Hydra 32's perform as well AND save you money?

What is the best light schedule to use with the Hydra 32?

For a reef tank, we recommend the following which closely mimics the popular AB+ spectrum.

  • UV: 110%
  • Violet: 110%
  • Royal: 120%
  • Blue: 120%
  • Green: 10%
  • Deep Red: 10%
  • Moonlight: n/a
  • Cool White: 60%

In order to adjust PAR levels, you need to maintain these ratios and adjust all channels down accordingly.  If you want 10% less PAR, reduce each color channel by 10% to maintain the spectrum but reduce the overall output. 

How do I download a lighting schedule?

The short answer is to download the .aip file onto your phone, then simply share that file with the app. 

  1. Download the .aip to your computer.
  2. Send yourself an email with the .aip file attached.
  3. Open that email on your phone, then share* the attached .aip file with the myAI app.*Use the "Share" button on iOS devices.
  4. The lighting schedule will automatically be saved into your myAI presets thereafter.
  5. To access the new preset...
    1. open the myAI app
    2. select your tank
    3. select lighting
    4. Select the STAR icon from the horizontal menu
    5. Choose "Select Preset" from the menu
    6. Select from available presets