What makes these Hanna Checkers so popular?

Hanna Instrument Checker Colorimeters, included in the HIREEF2 Kit, took reef tank water testing to a whole new level. Most hobbyists appreciate how quick and easy to use they are.  Within just a couple of minutes, you can have a clear, digital measurement for a variety of very common water parameters. They also help to reduce the risk of human error during your testing procedures which improve both accuracy and consistency among your water tests.

How do these Checkers work?

Salinity Meter: Measures salinity levels almost instantly using electrical conductivity

Colorimeters: They use light to measure changes in the color or turbidity of a water sample. When reagents are added to the water sample, that measurement will change based on much of a particular element or compound is present. 

How do you use them?

Salinity Meter: Dip it into a sample of aquarium water. Wait for reading to stabilize on the digital screen. 

Colorimeters: The process is pretty much the same for all of the colorimeters with only minor differences between the different parameters, if any at all.

  1. Take a water sample from your aquarium using one of the included cuvettes.
  2. Turn on the colorimeter by pressing the button once.
  3. Insert sample into the checker, press the button to reference or zero the meter using the sample.
  4. When indicated, remove the water sample from the checker.
  5. Add reagent to the water sample.
  6. Return water sample w/ reagent to the checker, press the button for measurement.
  7. Wait for measurement to show.
  8. Once the measurement shows on the digital screen, you have 2 minutes to write down the measurement before the Checker turns off.

Why did Hanna choose the ULR phosphate checker for this kit?

Hanna makes three different phosphate checkers to target different ranges.  The ULR Phosphate Checker included in this kit measures 0.00 to 0.90 ppm of phosphate and is what 90% of reef tank owners prefer.