Aqua Illumination's claim to fame is smart, technically advanced aquarium LED lights that are affordable and easy to use. The Prime and Hydra series LEDs are their flagship pendants, all of which offer multiple mounting options including both suspension and direct to tank. The HMS System is their customizable mounting solution that is designed using aluminum framing and can be assembled to hold anywhere from 1 - 4 or more Hydra Fixtures. You can mix and match components to create the perfect light rack for your reef tank.

The HMS Single Light Mount is a kit that includes all of the necessary components to mount a single Hydra 32 or Hydra 64 LED light right onto the edge of your tank.  Just follow these 5 easy steps and you will have your new LED light mounted in no time.

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1. Light Placement

First, you want to set the placement of the light holding bracket to be correctly positioned over the top of your aquarium. This way you won't have to fuss with moving things around once it's mounted up over the top of your tank.

You can use a pencil while laying one of the two included rails over the top of your tank, be sure the channel side is facing upwards.  Mark the outside edge of your aquarium on one end of the rail and the desired center position for your Hydra light on the other end of the rail.  With a single light, it is typically best to center the light fixture over the aquarium (or aquascape) as best you can.  

2. Attach The Light Bracket

Lay your marked rail on a flat surface with the channel facing up.  Insert the included nut, plastic washer, and bolt through the center hole of the light mounting bracket.  Do not tighten the nut completely, leave it loose so you can successfully slide it into the channel on the rail. 

Slide the bracket into the center channel of the rail lining it up with the mark you made in step #1.  Use the hex key to tighten the nut which will lock the bracket into place. 

3. Pivoting Bracket and Vertical Rail

Grab the angled pivoting bracket and slide it into the center channel of the horizontal rail, it should be on the opposite end of the light mounting bracket from step #2. Line up the pivoting bracket with the pencil mark you made for the tank's edge.  

Take the second rail which is your vertical rail. Slide that into onto the pivoting bracket. Verify the connection or intersection of the rails is lined up with the marking, then tighten all three of the screws on the pivoting bracket to lock both rails into place. 

**Pro Tip: Use the hex key if you have trouble with the screws. Loosen them up, then tighten them down should they not align.  Use the long end of the hex key first and then finish with the short end making it easier on yourself to tighten things down appropriately.

4. Attach The Clamp To The Vertical Rail

Next, you need to slide the tank clamp onto the vertical rail.  It's easiest to lay the entire mount on a flat surface with the vertical rail facing up, slade the clamp down onto the vertical rail from the top. If it gives you trouble, just loosing the two nuts until you can get it to slide into place. It is a little tricky but not hard at all, you just have to slide them together perfectly perpendicular for it to slide freely.

Move the entire assembly to your tank and attach the tank clamp. Slide the vertical rail to your desired height and then tighten it down using the hex key and four screws. Once you get the height set, remove it from your tank to attach the light, it's easier and reduces the risk of dropping the light into your tank.  

Pro Tip: The BRS Recommended mounting height for both the Hydra 32 and Hydra 64 is 12" from the water's surface.

5. Attach Your Light

As we just said, we do recommend that you remove the mounting assembly from your tank while attaching the light.  Aligh the holes on the top of the light with the two holes on the mounting bracket. Tighten it down using the screws and hex key. Tighten the screws evenly.

Finally, just attach the end caps and route your wires.  The end caps just snap into place and the cord can route through any of the channels. The cord clips can mount on the inside or outside the rails, whichever you prefer.  Once you have it cleaned up, mount it back onto your tank and tighten it down using the two black thumbscrews. 

Pro Tip: Always use a drip loop when plugging in your aquarium equipment. Mount the power supply up off the ground in a safe location away from moisture and tank drips.