The all-new Axis 20, 40, and 90 submersible return pumps bring big pump features to pumps of all sizes. The fully controllable and programmable pumps cover the return needs of tanks ranging from less than 15 gallons up to tanks as large as 90 gallons in a package that is smaller than a soda can. The compact form factor and bottom entry design make them the perfect upgrade pump for all-in-one style aquariums or any situation where space is limited. 

Every Axis pump includes an in-line smart controller which makes for effortless programming and easy integration into your existing family of AquaIllumination devices without creating a "bird's nest" of wires. Users can wirelessly set up and program Axis pumps using either the myAI® or Mobius app on any iOS or Android device. Using the convenient Neptune Systems MXM module, you can even connect and control using Apex Fusion. 


What's in the box

  • Axis Centrifugal Pump
  • In-line Controller
  • Power Supply


  • Max Head: ~10ft. on Axis 90 model
  • Flow Rate: ~400-925gph depending on model
  • Power Consumption: Variable, 20-40w max depending on model
  • Recommended Tank Size: 40 - 90 gallons 


AquaIllumination Axis Pump
AquaIllumination Axis Pump
AquaIllumination Axis Pump
AquaIllumination Axis Pump