AquaIllumination Blade Smart Strip LEDs

The Blade Smart Strip LED is an extremely versatile and effective light solution for any type of aquarium - freshwater and saltwater alike. Whether you're using the Blade as a standalone lighting solution or looking to create a hybrid and integrate the blade into your existing lighting setup, the variety of unique mounting solutions makes it easy. 

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Mounting Compatibility Chart

  Tank Rest Elevated Mount Clips Hanging Kit Hybrid Kit
Blade 12” Included
Blade 21” Included
Blade 30” Included
Blade 39” Included
Blade 48” Not recommended Not recommended Included
Blade 57” Not recommended Not recommended Included
Blade 66” Not recommended Not recommended Included
Blades (2) + Hydra/Radion N/A N/A N/A x1 x1
Blades (2) + x2 Hydra/Radion N/A N/A N/A x1 x2
Blades (2) + x3 Hydra Radion N/A N/A N/A x1 x2


  HMS Single Arm HMS Double Arm Multi-Light RMS HMS/RMS Hanging Kit Single Light RMS
Tank Rest N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Elevated Mount N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Clips Not recommended Not compatible Not compatible Not compatible
Hanging Kit N/A N/A N/A N/A
Hybrid Kit Not recommended


Low Profile Tank Rests

Low-Profile Tank Rests


Included with all Blade fixtures 39" or smaller, the flush tank mounts rest right on the side walls of your aquarium. This low-profile solution is great for fish-only and freshwater aquariums where illumination is the primary goal. The wide-angle output of the Blade achieves sufficient illumination even when mounted close to the water's surface and the IP66-rated water resistance means you won't have to worry about moisture damage to the light fixture.


Elevated Tank Rests

Elevated Tank Rests


The elevated tank mounts rest on the edge of your aquarium and elevate a single Blade LED to sit 4" from the top rim. This will allow for a more efficient spread of light into saltwater reef aquariums and freshwater planted tanks where full coverage is important. The elevated tank rests are compatible with Blade LEDS measuring 39" or less. For longer Blade LEDs measuring 48" or more, the mounting clips with HMS arm, hanging kit, or hybrid mount are recommended.


HMS/RMS Mounting Clips

HMS Mounting Clips


These low-profile clips will secure any size of Blade LED to the AquaIllumination HMS Rail system. The included screws slide right into the aluminum tracks and will tighten down to hold them in place. The most common application would be 1-3 Blade Lights on an HMS Single Arm mounted on the back of the tank with the Blade resting perpendicular to the ARM. Two arms would be required for Blades 21" or longer.


Hybrid Kits

Hybrid Blade Mount Kits


This is the best use case for hobbyists with existing high-output LEDs that wish to use the Blade LEDs as fill light and achieve better illumination over a reef aquarium. The Hybrid kits include two brackets that will attach to any Hydra, or Radion LED light and allow for easy attachment of one Blade on each side. The Hybrid kit requires a separate hanging kit, HMS, or RMS mounting solution to be successfully mounted over the top of an aquarium.  


Hanging Kits

Multi- Light Hanging Kit


A low-profile multi-light solution that works will all lengths of Blade lights and comes in three different sizes to accommodate three, four, or six light setups. Each kit includes x2 tracks and the appropriate number of attachment clips for each light. The tracks will attach directly to the Blade lights with the included hardware and will require a separate HMS or RMS hanging kit to be successfully suspended over the top of an aquarium.