An in depth look at the facts and myths regarding aquarium lighting. Watts, Kelvin, PAR and more explained in full detail with a live demonstration of various light measurement tools used to evaluate light sources. I will also discuss "LED’s vs. Metal Halide and other light sources" an open forum that is sure to get all who attend involved. Tullio Dell Aquila has been a professional lighting designer for well over a decade. His pioneering work with high power LED’s spans numerous commercial, automotive, and aquarium applications. During his career, he has designed and manufactured lighting products for many of the top companies in our industry. His dedication and innovation have helped pave the way for aquarium lighting as we know it today. As an avid reef aquarium hobbyist, he will readily admit his real passion has always been designing high-quality aquarium lighting products. From the original LED moonlights to the first full spectrum, and actinic led lighting systems, his pioneering work with LEDS continues today. While he has dedicated much of his career to educating hobbyist and professionals alike about the exciting possibilities that LEDs offer to our industry, his contributions to aquarium lighting do not stop here. His focus on the spectral requirements of corals, and photosynthetic invertebrates has improved the output, spectral composition, spectral power distribution, and quality of many aquarium lighting products sold today. His work with specialized reflector systems, advanced thermal design, and high-efficiency microprocessor controlled electronic ballasts, have helped revitalize metal halide and T5 based aquarium lighting products as well.