Kathy Leahy : Breeding saltwater fish in your home CAN be done. Here's how I do it. | MACNA 2019

Kathy Leahy discusses her experiences with breeding and raising marine ornamental fish at home. She weaves in some valuable advice along the way for any of you looking to raise saltwater fish at home.

Kathy Leahy

Kathy is a saltwater fish hobbyist from St. Louis, Missouri with over fifteen years of experience keeping saltwater fish. For the most part, her time has been spent raising clownfish but more recently Kathy ventured into raising other species of marine ornamentals including Gobies, Damsels, Shrimp, Pipefish, Mandarin Dragonettes and the famous Coral Beauty Dwarf Anglefish. In fact, she was the first person to successfully raise the Coral Beauty (Centropyge bispinosa) from egg to adult in captivity which was no easy task.

Classically these Centropyge Angelfish species have proven difficult to rear in captivity but with advancements in technology and available food sources, Kathy overcame the hurdles and shared her accomplishment with the world.

Kathy is a moderator of the Marine Breeding Initiative website earning her “Advanced Breeder” designation with countless hours of forum participation and frequent contributions to the community online. She is a wife, mother of two adult children, bicyclist, gardener and Supervisor of a Neuroscience Research Lab at Washington University School of Medicine.

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