12 Helpful Tips You Might Be Missing If You Have EcoTech MP10, MP40 or MP60 VorTech Pumps

Jen serves up some valuable tips for your EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10, MP40, and MP60 pumps. From installation tricks to must-have accessories, Jen tells you how she uses her VorTech pumps to ensure long-lasting performance and get the best experience possible.

1. Hide the ugly white squares

Remove the white adhesive that comes with the cable management squares using vinegar and attach them with transparent 3m VHD tape instead.

2. Reduce stress on your pump wires

You will eventually need to move your pumps, don't secure the cord so tight that you cannot move it when you need to. Also, ensure there are no sharp turns which helps reduce pressure on the wire connections.

3. Turn it off before turning it on again

If your VorTech detaches itself, be sure to cut the power before re-joining the wetside and dryside assemblies. It will not attach together when the motor is running.

4. Use it before you lose it

Use the feed mode, it's easy and will automatically resume normal operation after a short time so you don't forget!

5. Get a battery backup

It only works if you own one!

6. Always have a spare wet-side

This makes maintenance easy meaning you will actually do it and do it often which helps prolong the life of your pump.

7. Keep it clean

Take the time to clean your wetside on a very regular basis. As mentioned above, a spare wetside helps make this process easy but even if you don't have a spare, take the time to clean it. It's important!

8. Use Reef Crest mode, it works!

This is the most popular operational mode because it is very versatile and is a great starting point for first-time users. It's a "set it and forget it" type operational mode.

9. Save the foam pad that comes on your VorTech wetside.

This foam pad works great for water polishing after water changes. When your tank is all stirred up and cloudy, use the foam cover to help remove debris from the water column. Remove it, clean it and save it for next time.

10. Don't dump your old pump.

You can upgrade old VorTech pumps with a new wifi chip for only $25.

11. Accessorize and organize.

Use EcoTech's driver and power supply brackets to keep things neat and organized.

12.. Get the Neat Aquatics upgrade.

Flow guards like the Neat Aquatics "Urchin" and "Limpet" can help protect your fish and manipulate flow patterns.


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