Saltwater Aquarium Plumbing in Style Using Colored PVC Pipe

It is not uncommon for reef tank owners to pride themselves in a clean, well-planned, and perfectly executed plumbing job. Developing and installing a "perfectly" plumbed aquarium and sump is no easy task. Even the smallest misstep or mistake will not go unnoticed by the scrupulous eyes of a reefer.

Small drops of PVC cement left on the white PVC pipe, crooked runs of hard PVC, or even the use of 90-degree elbows where two 45s would do...all can be a reason for judgment.

Ryan's 360 gallon Dream Tank Royal Exclusiv Sump

The use of colored PVC pipe is most certainly the pinnacle of aquarium plumbing vanity, it takes an otherwise benign part of your tank from boring to exciting. With colored pipe, even outsiders will be impressed as it expresses your attention to detail and pride for a hobby you work very hard to master. In fact, an impressive filter system complete with colored PVC pipe and matching acrylic sump will make even the simplest livestock displays have a lasting impression.

Thomas's sump with purple and orange color scheme

While making a statement is primarily why we do it, there can also be some reason for the rhyme. Color coding your pipes can serve a great function for maintenance techs or other people working on your tank when your away. If your system is complicated or contains long runs of PVC, color coding can make it easy to identify which pipe goes where at a glance. With the rise of dosing pumps in our hobby, we are seeing this same concept applied to dosing pump tubing. Using colored-coded tubing makes it easy to identify which dosing line goes where and avoids pesky confusion during maintenance or refills.

Shop Colored PVC Pipe and Plumbing

All of the colored PVC available here at BRS is compatible with US standard Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 fittings so compatibility should not be a problem. We sell 1/2" - 2" pipe diameters that are cut into either 24" and 46" lengths which help make them easier to ship. It works with all your commercially available PVC cement and primers, but using clear adhesives is our preferred approach just to avoid unsightly glue drips.

Aquarium PVC Color Scheme Ideas

  • Brand colors such as Neptune Systems Apex, EcoTech Marine or Bulk Reef Supply!
  • Monochromatic with your favorite color
  • Your favorite sports team or alma mater
  • Rainbow theme
  • Match your sump and skimmer colors
  • Compliment home decor
  • Color coded for function
  • Holiday or seasonal themes
  • Earth, wind, water or fire theme
  • Blending into the background

Rainbow of colored PVC colors

Colored PVC Pipe
  1. 24
    Bulk Reef Supply
    24" Blue Schedule 40 Pipe
    From: $2.49

  2. 24
    Bulk Reef Supply
    24" Red Schedule 40 Pipe
    From: $2.49

  3. 46
    Bulk Reef Supply
    46" Grey Schedule 40 Pipe
    From: $9.19

  4. 46
    Bulk Reef Supply
    46" Yellow Schedule 40 Pipe
    From: $12.47

  5. 46
    Bulk Reef Supply
    46" Black Schedule 40 Pipe
    From: $11.49

  6. 46
    Bulk Reef Supply
    46" Blue Schedule 40 Pipe
    From: $11.49

  7. 46
    Bulk Reef Supply
    46" Green Schedule 40 Pipe
    From: $6.99

  8. 46
    Bulk Reef Supply
    46" Orange Schedule 40 Pipe
    From: $11.49

  9. 46
    Bulk Reef Supply
    46" Red Schedule 40 Pipe
    From: $11.49

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