Top 10 Gifts

Finding a thoughtful gift for anyone can be difficult and if you are shopping for an aquarium owner, that can pose a whole new set of challenges especially if you are not familiar with aquariums yourself. Don't worry because BRS has you covered with some helpful advice about how to buy the perfect gift for that fishy person in your family along with our top 10 gift ideas for any tank owner.

While we are pretty confident that anything on this list will make a great gift for just about any hobbyist, you can always shop with confidence because we have a Zero Hassle 365 Day Return Policy here at BRS. If for any reason your gift doesn't work out, just contact our super helpful Customer Service team for fast and friendly support.

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Know Before You Buy

Don't be afraid to ask, after all, you are here because you want to find something they want or need for their saltwater aquarium. 

"If you could get one thing for your tank, what would it be?" 

You might also find that doing a little recon first will make your holiday shopping easier. In some scenarios, all you need to do is find out how big the tank is or take some simple measurements. Maybe snap a photo of the fish food or additives under the tank to find out what brands they are using.  This works great for consumable items like food, filter media, and salt mix that are always on the shopping list. 

If you run into trouble, don't fret because you are always welcome to bring your questions to BRS where our team of aquarium experts can help you choose the perfect gift for that fishy guy or gal in your life.

1. A Gift Card Isn't Boring When It's From BRS!

Reefing can be complicated and somewhat specific to that particular tank owner, just show them you care with a BRS gift card. BRS has just about anything a saltwater aquarium owner could ever want or need for their tank. 

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2. BRS Swag

Do you have a BRS fan in your family? We have a wide selection of branded stickers, limited edition apparel, hats, mugs, and even a few novelties. Just like all the products we stock, we are so proud of the high-quality Bulk Reef Supply merchandise that we wear and use this stuff ourselves. 

3. Give The Gift Of A Little Tank

Small size, all-in-one Nano Tanks make great gifts for new hobbyists just starting out but can also be a great way to add a second tank to your home or office. We even have some tanks built for bookshelves! If you have a particular place in mind, just take a few measurements to be sure the tank will fit where it needs to go. 

We have a huge selection of tanks and some excellent kits that include everything you need to get started. 

4. Fantastic Fragging Supplies For Their Stocking

These items can make great stocking stuffers and are always handy for those reefers who are constantly cutting and growing coral to sell and share with friends. From coral frag mounts and glue to shears and forceps, these small items can fill that stocking hung on the mantle quicker than you can say ho, ho, ho! 

5. Everyone Loves Of A Better View

An aquarium is best admired with clarity and focus. Help your fishy friend get a better view of their tank with some clever tank viewing and photographing accessories.

The coral viewers and magnifying lens help get a more detailed look into the aquarium and the clip-on phone camera lens makes it possible to take professional-looking aquarium and coral photos using your smartphone. Perfect for that hobbyist who loves to show off their tank.

6. Making Your Own Water Is So Much Easier!

Mixing synthetic seawater is just part of the game for saltwater tank owners and having an extra bucket of salt never hurts! Just find out what brand they are using and put a bow on top for a perfect practical gift you know they will use.

Better yet, you can gift a Reverse Osmosis tap water filter making it possible to produce purified fresh water at home. Add a bucket of salt mix and they will have everything they need to produce water for their aquarium, both fresh and salt. This is especially thoughtful for those hobbyists who are having to purchase and transport heavy jugs of water because they cannot filter and mix water at home.  

7. High-Tech Gadgets For A Healthier Aquarium

In the past 10 years, some impressive technology has become available in the way of high-tech testing gadgets that make water testing a breeze. Trust us when we say, once they get their hands on this tech, it's difficult to imagine tank life without it!

These top-sellers from Hanna Instruments are our favorites when it comes to simplifying saltwater aquarium water testing and will help maintain a healthier, more stable aquarium.

8. Keeping It Clean

A clean aquarium means a healthier, happier aquarium. Help that fish-nerd in your life keep the tank looking fresh with a handful of cleaning supplies specifically made for aquarists. From glass and pump cleaners to special brushes and algae removers, these items will surely make the tank sparkle and put a smile on their face.

No matter what kind of tank they have and regardless of experience, these gifts are useful for any tank owner. 

9. We've Got You Covered With A DIY Screen Top

If the tank in your house is left without a lid or still uses cumbersome glass covers, a DIY Screen Top can be a breath of fresh air. A screen lid allows for proper oxygenation and keeps the fish inside the tank where they belong. DIY Screen tops are extremely easy to assemble and customize. The slim profile won't take away from the aquarium's overall aesthetic and you can add a Neat Aquatics Feeding Portal that creates a feeding port, right through the screen lid.

If you are just not sure which one to buy, all you need to know are the tank's dimensions and whether the tank is rimless or has a plastic frame around the top and bottom edges.

10. Clean Up That Area Under The Tank

Have you noticed that area under the tank stand isn't looking so hot?  Maybe it's a bird's nest of power cables and cords or a messy pile of bottles and boxes.

Adaptive Reef Controller Boards and accessories are sure to make that techy fish geek jump for joy. These handy mounting boards and compatible accessories allow the aquarist to mount and organize all of the cords, power supplies, and electronic controllers under their tank.