Choosing an RO/DI system really is not all that difficult because, for a vast majority, there is only one system that matters. 

1. Here's why 5 Stage Premium Plus 75 Gallon Per Day is the best choice for most aquarium owners in the USA.

  • No assembly is required; filters come pre-installed and the unit is ready for connection to your tap water source
  • Includes dual Carbon Block filters to effectively handle chloramines
  • Includes TDS meter and pressure gauge to accurately monitor the filter performance
  • Includes an Auto Shut Off (ASO) valve for easy connection to a float valve
  • Built using reliable dual o-ring Mur-Lok fittings and high-quality NSF-certified filter cartridges
  • Is compatible with the water saver upgrade kit to double the rate of production and minimize wastewater
  • Can easily be upgraded with additional canisters and PRO DI Resin to handle difficult-to-remove contaminants

2. Can I use a 4-stage Value RO/DI System?

4 stage systems are best reserved for nano aquariums of 20 gallons or less and/or when portability is important. If you are not able to permanently install the RO/DI system, having a compact system that you can easily carry and hook up only when you need it is important. 

The downside of the 4-stage system is that it only has a single carbon-block filter which will quickly become exhausted if chloramine is present in your tap water.  It's important to carefully monitor the carbon filter to avoid chloramine and chloramines from damaging your membrane or worse yet, letting these contaminants into your aquarium. The good news is you can easily upgrade a 4-stage system by simply adding an additional canister and carbon block filter should you find chloramines to be a problem.  

3. If you are not good about filter maintenance, get a 6-stage Deluxe

A 6-stage system comes with dual carbon blocks and dual DI filters which helps prevent those pesky contaminants from slipping through, even if your filters are not changed out on time. The extra DI filter is like an emergency backup filter just in case you neglect filter maintenance, that second DI resin will not allow harmful contaminants to sneak through into your clean water reservoir.  

4. The 7-stage Pro is the most efficient system for difficult-to-remove contaminants

If your tap water contains contaminants that exhaust your DI resin filters quickly, the 7-stage Pro is probably the best choice for you. Although it's not super common, some tap water sources contain specific contaminants that are particularly difficult to remove and this is the situation where the 7-stage comes in handy.  

5. The water saver upgrade kit is a no brainer

The water saver kit reduces the wastewater by half and increases the production rate by as much as 50%. While most anyone would benefit from less wastewater and faster production, it is especially useful in areas where water conservation is a priority.

6. What if I need water faster than 3 gallons per hour?

The gallons per day is how fast the unit will produce 0 TDS water and if you need to produce water fast, add a water saver upgrade kit or purchase one of the 150 or 200 GPD RO/DI systems.

  • 75 gallons per day is roughly 3 gallons per hour
  • 100 gallons per day is roughly 4 gallons per hour
  • 150 gallons per day is roughly 6 gallons per hour
  • 200 gallons per day is roughly 8 gallons per hour

7. What's the difference between the 75 and 100 GPD membrane?

The 75 GPD RO membrane should always be your first choice because it has a higher rejection rate compared to a 100 GPD membrane. A 100 GPD membrane will produce water faster but ultimately allows more contaminants to pass through, resulting in quicker DI resin consumption. 

8. Do I need a booster pump?

Booster pumps increase pressure into your RO/DI system which will ensure your RO/DI system is operating at maximum efficiency and the fastest rate of production possible. While they are not required for most households, they can be a great benefit when you need to produce water fast or if you have abnormally low water pressure. 

9. Why do I need a "Plus" model RO/DI system?

All of the BRS RO/DI systems are available in two different versions, a standard model and a PLUS model. The Plus model RO/DI systems include a pre-installed pressure gauge and TDS meter which allows you to monitor filter performance. Essentially helps you get the maximum life out of your filter cartridges without running the risk of allowing contaminants into your tank.  You also get a flush valve kit that allows you to flush clogged contaminants from the RO membrane before each use to ensure maximum efficiency. 

10. Don't worry, you can always upgrade!

All of the BRS RO/DI systems can be upgraded with additional stages and accessories. No matter which unit you buy right out of the gate, you can always add whatever you need to accommodate your particular needs. In fact, the best-selling RO/DI system is our 4-Stage Value System because no matter how the circumstance might change in the future, the 4-stage units will provide a sufficient foundation and produce the 0 TDS water you need.