Aquaforest AF Rock was created to be a comprehensive solution that meets the demands of contemporary reef tank owners. It looks great right out of the box, is highly porous (relative to competing dry rock), and comes in an assortment of shapes that allow you to build a functional yet completely unique aquascape. 

Natural Pigments

Each piece of AF Rock is colored using various shades of natural pigment that ultimately resemble encrusting coralline algae. You won't be stuck with stark white, sterile-looking rock and you can create an aquascape that looks great from day one. The pigments are also lab-tested along with the rock material itself to ensure it is free of toxins and safe for your precious reef aquarium. 

Aquaforest AF Rock

Porous Material

The hand-crafted rocks are made from lightweight, very porous material which means you not only get more volume of rock per pound but you also create prime habitat for beneficial bacteria. You will harbor a robust biofilter while not sacrificing aesthetics or risking the introduction of pests. The porous material is also easy to work with and can be cut or broken into pieces and adhered together using epoxy, glue, or mortar should you prefer to make your own custom shapes as described in our HNSA Aquascaping Tutorial

Organic Shapes

Each rock is hand-crafted which means no two rocks will look exactly the same. Each box contains an assortment of arches, base rock, and shelf rock pieces giving you the perfect mixture to create an aesthetically pleasing aquascape and functional habitat for your fish and corals.