Kamoer X1 Bluetooth Micro Dosing Pump - BRStv Product Spotlight

Kamoer X1 Bluetooth Micropump is a single channel dosing pump that can be programmed directly from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone using an iOS or Android based App. The tiny yet powerful doser measures only 4" x 2.5" x 3" and can be programmed to dose as little as once per month or as often as 12 times per day. That means you're not really limited to specific applications or the mounting location making it incredibly versatile for the price. These kinds of features don't often come cheap but the Kamoer x1 is priced just under $60 making it the most capable dosing pump in its price class.

Being a single channel pump, it is great for nano-tanks using one part additives like Tropic Marine All-For-Reef but also is a great add-on to your existing dosing regime if you have some specific needs or just can't rely on yourself to manual dose.

Why Use The Kamoer x1 Doser?

  • Manage nutrients with precision carbon dosing or nitrate/phosphate additives.
  • Sustain trace elements, add amino acids or even deliver coral food and bacteria.
  • Works great for dedicated Kalkwasser delivery.
  • The flexible app based programming means you don't need to fuss with a timer.
  • You can run it by itself or link multiple x1 pumps for a complete dosing system.
  • It includes a 100mL graduated cylinder for calibration and promises an accuracy of < ±2%.
  • It's tiny and lightweight meaning it can be mounted just about anywhere.
  • You can dose as little as 0.1mL up to a maximum of 6000mL on a daily, weekly or even monthly schedule.
  • It only costs $60, is Bluetooth capable right out of the box and the app is FREE!

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