Best Glass Cleaners of 2022

A reliable glass cleaner is a necessity for any aquarist, freshwater or salt, nano or big tank, everyone needs something to remove algae from inside the walls of an aquarium. Not only does it keep a pristine viewing experience, but keeping the walls clean also gives your aquarium that aesthetic of being well maintained and healthy.  While algae growing on the glass walls is not exactly an indication of poor health, it just gives off that vibe to onlookers.

When choosing a glass cleaner, most of us will opt for the popular algae magnet cleaners because they are easy to use on a frequent basis.  If you can manage to scrub the walls daily with an algae magnet, you will reduce the risks of growing a really persistent layer of algae that requires more serious attention.  A good algae magnet has a strong magnetic connection between the wet and dry side assemblies, includes a scraper attachment, is waterproof, and the wet side must be buoyant so it doesn't fall to the sand when it gets detached. 

Handheld scrapers also deserve some spotlight because there will come a point at which you need to get your hands wet and give the aquarium a deep clean. A quality scraper is sturdy and has a replaceable blade so you won't be left struggling to remove coralline algae and other persistent growth.


Flipper FLOAT

Flipper FLOAT

The innovation of the Flipper is that you get a 2n1 type of algae magnet offering both a flat side for scrubbing and a blade for scraping using a single wetside that can "flip" without having to get your hands wet.  You can transition from scrubber to scraper by carefully rotating the dry side assembly. 

In addition to the "Flipper" feature, these magnet cleaners float, have a thin profile and come in three different sizes to accommodate various tank sizes.  While they do not boast the strongest of magnets, they get the job done very well for day-to-day algae removal and won't break the bank in terms of cost. Certainly a great value and works really well if you keep up with the cleaning on a regular basis.

The replacement blades are available in metal or plastic to accommodate both glass and acrylic aquariums and the included scrubbing surface is safe for acrylic so no matter what kind of tank you have, the Flipper works! 



Algae Free Float Plus

Algae Free

Algae Free magnet cleaners put a stylish twist on things with their oak wood dry side assemblies and maintain a reputation as one of the nicest algae magnets money can buy.

  • Extra Strong, neodymium rare earth magnets for extra cleaning power
  • Replaceable scraper blades for glass or acrylic aquariums
  • Replaceable inner and outer scrubbing surfaces with nontoxic adhesive backing
  • Floating interior magnet assembly (except Great White models)
  • Inner assembly is non-toxic and can be left inside the tank -- it will not rust!
  • Limited 2-year warranty on material and production defects.

Algae Free Float Plus comes in three sizes as well as the non-floating Great White which contains an extra-strong magnet for thick glass walls. That strong magnet connection combined with the scraper and scrubber working together means your going to remove more algae with each pass of the cleaner. Less elbow grease and better results make these the cleaner of choice for those who appreciate quality and simply want the best. 



Tunze Care Magnets

Tunze Care Magnets

Like most things Tunze, the Care Magnets are uniquely designed and have some pretty cool features you won't find on competing magnet cleaners.

  • Special plastic blades made of wear-resistant high-performance plastic = long-lasting
  • Care Boosters provide grip and aid in retrieval (it floats!)
  • Compact design with a large cleaning surface area
  • Easy to move around and won't trap sand behind the magnet
  • Blades have rounded corners to reduce the risk of damaging your silicone seams
  • Available in Pico, Nano, Long, Strong, and Strong+

There is no flat scrubbing surface but rather only two different size blades that make contact with the glass. This reduces the chances of trapping a grain of sand between the cleaner and glass walls, almost eliminating the risk of scratching the tank while cleaning. The minimal touchpoints on your glass also cause much less friction making it easier to move the magnet around without losing contact. 

The small blade works to remove concentrated areas of stubborn algae while the wide blade gives you a much larger cleaning area for day-to-day maintenance. The long blade can be modified with a steel blade attachment for situations where extra scraping power is needed and the wetside can also double as a handheld scraper.



Seachem Algae Scraper

Seachem Algae Scraper

Seachem's Algae Scraper is the ultimate algae removal tool and can handle both day-to-day maintenance as well as the stubborn growth that builds up over time.

  • The ergonomic handle allows for easy use in multiple positions
  • Retractable blade housing safely hides blade while not in use.
  • Floats for easy retrieval
  • Handle hole for hanging storage

The scraper includes a sharp metal blade, a plastic blade, and a soft scrubbing blade to accommodate both glass and acrylic aquariums. It is available in three different sizes based on the handle length; 6", 12", and 18".