Hi folks, thanks for tuning in. We decided to take on an exciting new venture here at Marine Depot and set up a new aquarium at our Headquarters here in Garden Grove, CA. We thought it would be a great idea to take you step by step through the process as we set up this new aquarium. We are going to go over some important facts about setting up a new aquarium and take a closer look at the new Innovative Marine SR-80 aquarium we chose for our office.

When setting up a new tank there are definitely a few key points you do not want to overlook. First, ensure your floor can support the weight of your aquarium. Water weighs a little over 8 lbs. per gallon so the weight of an aquarium can really add up quickly.

You want to choose a location for your aquarium that is away from any windows or doors. Any direct sunlight coming into your aquarium and quickly lead to nuisance algae problems.

Also, do not forget about power. You want to ensure that wherever you place your aquarium that you have a dedicated wall socket next to the aquarium.

Finally, you always want to be sure to do a water test. With a new aquarium, simply fill with tap water for 24 -- 48 hours. Then you can check for any leaks or cracks and avoid a major disaster in your home.

We chose the Innovative Marine SR-80 aquarium which comes pre-assembled including the stand. The stand itself is quite impressive as comes with storage shelves, pre-cut ports for your cables and ventilation; as well all of the doors have magnetic locking mechanisms.

Being a rimless aquarium, a foam pad is important to help relieve pressure points on the bottom of your tank. Innovative Marine is nice enough to include a pad with each of its shallow reef aquariums and it is quite easy to install as seen here. One side has an adhesive so it will stay in place as you set the aquarium on the stand.

The tank also includes a nice, aluminum framed screen top to help keep your fish inside the aquarium where they belong.

Always be sure to level your tank. You want to use a level to check the corners and sides. If your tank is slightly uneven, a couple of wooden shims from your local home improvement store will do the trick. Just lightly tap them into place and check your level again.

Innovative Marine assembles all of the plumbing for you and it comes with two filter socks. You can see it is made of ultra-thick glass with polished diamond edges and black silicone which make it really stand out. Personally, I am quite impressed with the quality, style, and ingenuity put into the engineering of this aquarium.

Thanks for watching and be sure to stay tuned as we will be releasing an entire series of videos as we build this new aquarium. If you have questions about setting up a new aquarium feel free to give us a call anytime at 1-800-566-3474 or send an email to customercare@marinedepot.com. Until next time, take care and happy reef keeping.

You can view the Innovative Marine SR series aquariums on our website via the link below.