New Tank Shopping List - Automated Dosing


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1. Dosing Pumps

Dosing pumps precisely administer essential elements like calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, and trace minerals, maintaining optimal water parameters. Over time, corals and marine invertebrates consume these elements, so it's important to replace them regularly. Manual replenishment can lead to inconsistent levels, potentially leading to stress. Dosing pumps provide consistency, ensuring stability in the tank environment. Automating this process can enhance coral health, promote vibrant growth, and reduce manual intervention. Make sure you select a dosing pump that has as many dosing heads as the number of solutions you're going to be dosing (or purchase multiple pumps, if needed).

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2. Reservoirs

Dosing reservoirs are simply containers used to hold the solutions of essential elements like calcium, alkalinity, or whatever liquid you're dosing to your aquarium via a dosing pump. These reservoirs connect directly to a dosing pump, which dispenses the stored solutions into the aquarium at specified intervals. Having dedicated reservoirs ensures that the dosing pumps can consistently deliver accurate and precise amounts of additives to the tank. Reservoirs can be a simple 1 gallon BRS Mixing Jug or a nicer looking, purpose-built acrylic container.

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3. Helpful Accessories

Once you've selected your dosing pump and reservoir, consider how to integrate them with your current aquarium setup. Color-coordinated dosing lines, dosing tube holders, graduated measuring cups (for calibration), and reservoir float switches can all simplify your aquarium maintenance. Dosing tube holders are highly recommended to ensure that your dosing pump is adding the liquid to your aquarium and not accidentally onto your floor.