Hang-on back protein skimmers are great for smaller reef tanks or when you don’t want to use an external skimmer with a sump. We know some HOB skimmers can be finicky and take some time to get dialed in. We’re excited about the AquaMaxx 1.5 because it’s truly a plug-and play HOB protein skimmer that’s packed full of unique features that you’ll love.

The primary question is always “Is it powerful enough to do the job?” With the AquaMaxx 1.5 the answer is a definitive YES! Take a look.

The water pump is the engine that drives the skimmer. The AquaMaxx uses a modified SICCE Syncra water pump that uses a very sturdy needle wheel impeller. There’s plenty of power to create the bubbles needed for efficient skimming. The water pump sits inside the skimmer for quiet operation and to save space.

The AquaMaxx uses a custom acrylic diffuser plate that maximizes bubble distribution. The bubble jet diffusers aims and forces multiple streams on tiny bubbles into the reaction chamber. This minimizes wasteful turbulence and dramatically increase skimming efficiency.

The other question reef-keepers want to know is “Does it work?”

Again, the answer is Yes!

The large collection cup is easy to adjust and dial in to get the type of skimmate you want. There’s no tricky settings of work-arounds needed. The skimmer is very quiet despite its ability to create a dense bubble vortex. There’s no lengthy break-in period. You’ll probably start collecting foam within 24 hours.

We also like that the skimmer cup is really easy to clean. It also comes with a return tube that sends skimmate to a bucket or back to the skimmer that prevents accidental overflows. This is a great feature for when you are away from home on vacation or business.

The AquaMaxx 1.5 is rated for reef tanks up to 60 gallons with a heavy bio-load. With all these features, we’re sure the AquaMaxx 1.5 will be on your short list when shopping for a HOB protein skimmer.

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