AquaMaxx made a name for itself producing high-quality acrylic protein skimmers that perform extremely well and are available at a price that won't break the bank. The DFC is one of their first DC pump-powered skimmer lines and has proven to be among the best value in protein skimmers available to modern reef tank hobbyists. 

Solid cast acrylic construction, titanium screws, bubble diffuser, and DC controllable needle wheel skimmer pump are features you just won't find on other skimmers in this price class. Best of all, the performance is worth every penny. Not only will you be confident your AquaMaxx skimmer is working as it should, the DC pump and air valve mean you can easily adjust the foam density to specifically match your tank's organic level for maximum nutrient removal. The entire skimmer can be broken down for easily cleaning and the small footprint makes it easy to mount right into your sump, without having to make room or move things around.


The best bang for your buck. AquaMaxx`s most compact full-size protein skimmer has a tiny footprint is driven by a highly reliable pump and that is available in both standard and controllable models! FC model skimmers include the standard AC-powered pump and the DFC models featured here include the DC controllable pump. 

FC-80 / DFC-80

FC-120 / DFC-120

FC-180 / DFC-180

FC-280 / DFC-280

Footprint (In.) 7.87" x 7.08" 7" x 7" 9.44" x 7.48" 11" x 9.44"
Height (In.) 18.9" 20.5" 23.22" 24"
Motor Shark 1.0a / Motion 1.2K Shark 1.2a / Motion 1.8K Shark 2.0a / Motion 2.5K Shark 3.0a / Motion 5.0K
Gallon Rating Light Bio-Load: Up to 140g Up to 180g Up to 250g Up to 420g
Medium Bio-Load: ~100g ~140g ~200g ~340g
Heavy Bio-Load: Up to 70g Up to 100g Up to 130g Up to 240g