Polish specialist marine company Aquaforest has released a new range of sumps for marine aquariums. Available in 5 sizes, the sumps range from 20 to 36” in length and are aimed at aquariums from 195-595 litres or 51 to 157 gallons in volume, with a 735, 194 gallon model to come.

Every sump consists of two built-in filter socks with silencers, a skimmer chamber, large pump chamber, and a large ATO reservoir. A separate algae chamber is absent from the AF sumps although the skimmer chamber is equipped with a comb on top of the adjustable height baffle, and algae isn’t key to the Aquaforest methodology anyway. 

One of the socks can be removed and replaced with an Aquaforest reactor, and although its a bit strange to put a reactor before mechanical filtration and protein skimming, it will look neat once in situ in its purpose-built housing and the reactor could be fed from a pump elsewhere in the system. 

Aquaforest protein skimmers do take up a lot of room with their external pumps although looking at the design, I think you’d fit the reactor into the pump chamber in most models if you had to. That’s where I’d prefer to situate mine, after the socks and skimmer, and leaving both socks in place. Biological filtration would need to be placed inside a reactor, in one of the chambers in a net bag, or inside a DIY media box. 

PVC construction

These sumps are manufactured from PVC, not acrylic, which has a much heavier, more robust feel, and a matt, not gloss finish. Aquaforest also states that the welded PVC sump is scratch resistant. 

The size of the ATO reservoirs is a nice touch and I like how the reservoirs are marked to indicate water volume, as well as the skimmer chamber being marked to indicate chamber running height for easy adjustment to suit your skimmer model.

Made from matt white PVC and with AF purple livery the range is a good looking one which would, of course, be topped off by equipping it with matching Aquaforest skimmer and reactor. 

Aquaforest sumps offer a quality, plug and play sump solution for a range of aquarium volumes. They suit the Aquaforest filtration methodology perfectly and its definitely a sump that you would want to open your cabinet doors to and show off to your reef keeping friends.