Every reefer knows water movement is a key component not only for the health of corals but also for the proper function of the filtration system. Each reef aquarium is set-up differently but everyone wants good flow inside the tank and through the skimmer, reactor and sump.

Up till now we had to use multiple water pumps or a collection of valves and hoses to create the water flow we wanted. The challenge of a valved manifold is that any change in flow rate at one outlet affects every device on the manifold. For example, increasing the flow in the tank reduces flow to the skimmer. Multiple water pumps solve this issue. However, the downside of multiple pumps can be extra heat released into the water, limited room in the sump, noise and available electrical outlets. Well, all that has changed with the introduction of the Maxspect Turbine Duo 9K return pump.

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The Turbine Duo 9K is an internal, controllable 24V DC return pump. OK, you’ve seen this before. But there are several features that make the Turbine Duo 9K truly amazing!

  • Two pump heads on a single pump body
  • One pump with the option of running one or two independent outlets
  • Can run a return line and a another line to a reactor, skimmer, chiller or manifold
  • Super small footprint
  • High flow rate capabilities
  • Uses on 65 watts
  • Runs cool and quiet
  • Wireless compatibility with Syna-G app

Let’s break it down to the real-life benefits. The Turbine Duo 9K can be used as a conventional return pump with a single in and out. In this configuration, you get a DC centrifugal pump with full control and 1,320 GPH (max) flow rate. Small size, low power draw, nice flow rate. Sweet! But the pump really shines when you switch the housing to dual in and out mode. Each of the twin impellers pump water out through a dedicated outlet. In this configuration, the combined flow rate jumps to 2,500 GPH. This means you can run a return line to the tank and line to a chiller or other equipment.

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Here are a few of configurations possible with the Turbine Duo 9K:

  • Two separate return lines to the aquarium
  • One return to the tank, one line to a skimmer
  • One return to the tank, one line to a chiller
  • One return to the tank, one line to a media chamber or reactor
  • Two lines to provide water to a chiller, media reactors, etc.
  • One return line to the tank and one to a manifold that feeds a chiller, reactor, etc.

There’s almost no limit to what you can do with this water pump. The nice thing about having two pump heads is that the water flow rate of each head is isolated. This means that you can adjust the flow rate through a media reactor valve without it affecting the flow rate through the return line into the aquarium. If you use a valve to reduce return flow while feeding corals, the flow to a skimmer remains constant. Until now this type of twin flow capability was only possible by using two water pumps (noisy, power hungry, heat source) or by rigging up an oversized pump and tricky manifold requiring constant adjustment.

Maxspect Turbine Duo 9K The Turbine Duo 9K is capable of multiple configurations and comes with a ton of accessories and adapters.

Maxspect engineers really thought this new pump through and gave it the options reef-keepers can use. The pump comes will all the fittings you need including a special Y-combiner fitting that joins the dual outlets into one for a maximum flow rate of 2,250 GPH. The pump heads can also be rotated to accommodate space and routing requirements. The Turbine Duo 9K is controllable through a dedicated wired controller but also through the wireless Syna-G app (available for Android and Apple devices; requires Maxspect Connect).

Maxspect Connect Control your Maxspect Turbine, Ethereal, Razor X, and Recurve wirelessly using the Maxspect Connect ICV6 Controller and SYNA-G app.

We like versatility and performance in our reef gear and the Maxspect Turbine Duo 9K certainly meets both requirements. It’s going to be interesting to see how reef aquarists build or retrofit their filtration systems with this water pump. If you’re looking to upgrade your reef or starting a new project, be sure to check out all the Turbine Duo 9K specs and features on our site. It's officially in stock as of today!