COR Pumps From Neptune Systems The COR pump is the latest smart aquarium product from Neptune Systems.

We really like when a company releases a new product that has features and benefits reef aquarists can really use. Neptune Systems are known for their refined aquarium automation system and cool add-on modules. When we heard Neptune Systems was introducing two new water pumps our expectations were high. We hoped they would be something special and indeed they are!

Here’s what you need to know about the new COR-15 (1500 GPH) and COR-20 (2000 GPH) Intelligent Return Pumps. If you don’t have an Apex automation systemDON’T CLICK AWAY! The COR-20 also works as a stand-alone without an Apex system.

COR-20 Pump - Neptune Systems Here is the COR-20 return pump and all the components included in the box.

The Latest Pump Technology

Both models are based on BLDC (brushless DC current) technology. If you’re new to DC motors, here’s what you need to know.

BLDC technology eliminates the wear, friction and energy loss associated with traditional motors. BLDC motors use expensive rare earth magnets which are more efficient and space-saving. COR-series pumps use this technology to increase efficiency, output and reliability while reducing power consumption and eliminating noise. This technology allows the COR pumps to be compact but have a lot of water-moving power. It also allows the pumps to respond to precise intelligent commands and external controls.

Neptune Systems recommends using at least 1.25” pipe to get the most water flow capacity. The COR-15 and COR-20 can be run submerged or used externally. But there’s even more to love about these intelligent COR pumps.

COR-20 Pump Driver - Neptune Systems Here is the COR-20 driver. With a few button presses you are able to set flow rate and feed modes.

Taking Control

High water-moving power is useless unless you can control it, especially in a reef aquarium. Neptune Systems are “control freaks,” building fine-tuning capability into every product they make. The COR-15 is designed to plug directly into an Apex unit through a 1Link port. This supplies power to the pump and eliminates the need for a power brick. You’ll have full control over flow rate and feeding modes through the Apex system. The COR-20 is also Apex-friendly but comes with its own power supply and driver for stand-alone operation. You can access many of the pump’s control features with a press of a button on the driver module.

COR Pump With Fittings The COR comes complete with all the fittings necessary for most aquarium configurations.

Fail-Safe Features

COR Pump IQ-LevelNeptune Systems thought of everything when they designed the COR Intelligent Return Pumps. Both models let you set the minimum and maximum flow rate for the pump through the IQ Level feature. Once set, the min and max flow rate is locked in even after a temporary power failure. You’ll never over-flow your reef’s filtration system.

The minimum flow rate prevents the system from back-siphoning in feeding mode. No more annoying gurgling and spitting noises when the system ramps up. We all know the hassle of a clogged intake, pipe or hose. COR pumps have a built-in feedback system that senses if something is clogged. It will trigger a red flashing LED on the driver and send alerts through the Apex notification system.

The pumps also have a unique anti-overheating feature. If for some reason the motor’s temperature rises from a clog or low-water problem, the COR pump will slow itself down until the motor cools or the problem corrected. Rather than shut down the entire filtration system, the COR Intelligent Return Pump keeps your reef safe while you are away.

COR Pump from Neptune Systems The COR uses the latest in Vector Control, BLDC motor technology. This drives the COR pump in a way that is both energy efficient and noise free.

Real Innovation and Value

We’re really excited about the COR Intelligent Return Pumps. They’re packed with the latest technologies that give you full water flow control, reliability and economical operation in a compact, silent pump configuration. The COR-15 is priced at $274.95 and the COR-20 at $324.95. If you’re looking at add onto your Apex system or want to upgrade your return pump, the Neptune Systems COR series water pumps deserve a close look!

Now Available For Pre-Order

We are pleased to announce we are now accepting pre-orders for both models here at Marine Depot. If you'd like to be one of the first to get their salty hands on one of these babies, please order soon because we are certain they'll sell out fast. Our first shipment from Neptune Systems is coming the first week of January (woo-hoo!), but the next shipment won't arrive until March.