The new Vectra S1 is rated for 1,400 gallons per hour. Which sized aquarium systems is it ideal for?

Justin Walsh, West Coast Domestic Account Manager: New and old hobbyists alike have become really intrigued by these new all-in-one and nano systems. The S1 is the perfect fit! The smaller footprint and control capabilities can now be utilized in popular all-in-one systems by Red Sea and Innovative Marine.

Who did you have in mind when you built it?

Justin: Anyone and everyone! This pump will probably serve as a return pump for most tanks up to 120 gallons – although flow requirement, height, etc. are different for different systems. In addition to using the S1 as a primary return or closed-loop pump, we have had a lot of interest from the community for using this pump to provide flow through accessory items, such as reactors and filtration media on larger tanks.

How is the S1 different from other small DC pumps in the market?

Justin: The Vectra S1 is an amazingly small but powerful return pump. It can be run on a schedule,  give updates wirelessly on its operation, and can be automatically configured to work with your specific aquarium setup.

You're able to auto-calibrate the S1 to the specific needs of your tank. As a return pump, this smart feature prevents back siphoning if the pump is turned down and provides a neutral flow condition in feed mode. The S1 is also compatible with ReefLink, providing complete wireless access to the world of ESL (EcoSmart Live).

This pump can be configured to be used as a closed-loop. Can you explain what that means?

Justin: A closed-loop system refers to a combination of pumps and plumbing designed to create water circulation and flow in your aquarium. For example, a series of pipes draws water in from the tank via the S1 then returns the water via outlets into the same tank from where the water was drawn. Although less flexible than in-tank powerheads, a closed-loop system can be hidden using the sand bed or rock work.

Some hobbyists use in-tank powerheads, such as VorTechs, in addition to closed-loop water circulation. For VorTech users the use of an S1 is beneficial as both types of circulation can be controlled and coordinated in EcoSmart Live.

What else is new for EcoTech Marine this year?

Justin: Stay tuned for product announcements in the near future – we have some awesome products in the works!

What has been the most well-received new product for EcoTech Marine in the last year?

Justin: Both the Vectra lineup and Generation 4 Radion series have received an enormous amount of praise over the past year. The hardest task has been keeping them in stock due to the amount of interest in these products! It's been a fantastic year for EcoTech Marine and we can't thank our customers enough for choosing EcoTech to light and provide water circulation for their reefs.

What is the EcoTech Marine CoralLab?

Jay Sperandio, ?Director of Sales: CoralLab is a combination of research, investigation, and support of commercial and conservation efforts that improve success in the reef keeping hobby. This includes papers on everything from how successful reef keepers, retailers and aquaculture facilities utilize our products to grants for MASNA scholarships and support of the Coral Restoration Foundation and the Horniman Institute.

In terms of CoralLab publications there have been two topics of conversation so far: Spectrum and Par and Flow Basics. There are studies currently underway related to DLI (daily light integral) and spectrum. Corallab has sponsored other published information along with reef media visits to top EcoTech users, such as Sanjay Joshi. We anticipate running these bi-annually to discuss the wide range of interests in the aquarium industry.

How might an aquarium hobbyist become a part of a study?

Jay: Be sure to like EcoTech Marine on Facebook and share any topics of interest you would like us to discuss in the future! We periodically work with the hobbyist community to do testing and get feedback on products as well as Corallab projects.

Which is the next reef show that EcoTech Marine will be exhibiting at?

Justin: We're looking forward to sunny California next week for this year's Reef-A-Palooza! Be sure to stop by the Aqua Illumination booth to say hello!

Marine Depot shoppers love your brand. Is there anything you want to say to our customers?

Justin: We think it goes without saying that without you, the hobbyist community, none of us would be here. It's the hobbyist community that keeps the industry going and allows us to work on new equipment to make reef keeping simpler and more successful. We appreciate all of the support you have shown us over the last decade and can't say thank you enough! Best of luck in the future and happy reef keeping.