SeaChem Purigen is a filtration media designed to remove dissolved and insoluble substances from aquarium water. Purigen is a specialty adsorbent in the form of synthetic resin beads. The tiny beads have a large macroporous internal network that adsorbs and traps a variety of organic compounds found in saltwater, reef, and freshwater aquariums. Here’s how it works.

Naturally-occurring organic compounds are continuously released into the aquarium from fish, corals, algae, biological filtration, and food products. If left in the water, these complex substances break down into undesirable substances like ammonia, phosphate and nitrate. A build-up of organics, like proteins, lowers water quality, redox potential, water clarity and can even increase the chances of disease problems in your aquarium.

Seachem Purigen Filter Media

Purigen selectively captures and holds these organics while ignoring essential trace elements like strontium and molybdenum. Aquarium water will sparkle with clarity, allowing more light to penetrate into your tank. You’ll notice an improvement in your coral’s color and growth. Purigen can also reduce the organic load on your protein skimmer. It will be easier to control nitrates and phosphates too.

Purigen beads turn brown or black when loaded with organics.  At this point Purigen should be replaced with fresh media. Purigen can be regenerated using a strong bleach solution if desired. For best results use 250 ml of Purigen in a resin bag, for up to 250 gallons of water. Replace the resin every six months or sooner if the resin changes color.