LED aquarium lighting is one of the biggest “game changers” in the hobby. LED fixtures use less energy, produce brighter light and less heat than other types of aquarium lighting. The Tunze 8850 Full Spectrum fixture blends LED technology with a unique housing and mounting system that is ideal for Nano reefs, saltwater fish tanks and freshwater aquariums.Tunze LED Lighting

The German-designed and built Tunze 8850 combines 7 white LEDS, 7 blue LEDS and 12 red LEDS with T.I.R color-blending lenses in a narrow, water-proof housing. The housing can be mounted above the water or under the water to reduce light loss due to reflection. The magnetic mounting system allows you to mount the fixture lengthwise against the glass or perpendicular out into the aquarium. The magnetic mount system is secure and won’t accidentally fall off of the glass. But this not just another LED fixture. The magnetic mount is used to select the color temperature of the LED array. Hold the magnet to the fixture and the LED colors will cycle from white to blue. When the magnet is removed, the color temperature is locked in and stored in the light. You can change it again anytime. The color temperate ranges from 5,000K to 25,000 K. The fixture can be used as a full spectrum lighting or even a dedicated moon light. Several fixtures can be used on an aquarium to create a variety of light patterns.

The Tunze 8850 is the perfect LED fixture for Nano tanks with soft and stony corals, planted freshwater aquariums and fish-only tanks. The narrow shape makes a great reptile and amphibian light too. Using only 24 volts, the Tunze 8850 is energy-efficient yet very bright. The mounting options and controllable color temperature make the 8850 suitable for supplemental spot lighting in larger aquariums, especially over corals and aquatic plants.