Tunze Carebacter is a bacterial supplement from Tunze used to help manage nutrients in your aquarium.  Each bottle contains a fine gravel substrate covered with several strains of non-pathogenic bacteria.  Once introduced to the aquarium the, the bacteria will go to work in a number of ways.

The major effect is the removal of nitrates and phosphates via consumption.  This means that nuisance algae in your tank will be reduced overtime as the bacteria are out competing it for food.

Tunze Care Bacter

Over time these nutrients that are stored within the bacteria will be removed from your system via a protein skimmer or other filtration methods.

The bacteria will also help in breaking down detritus in your tank and assist in reducing the risk of certain infections.

Tunze Carebacter is to be dosed on a weekly basis directly into your tank.  It is recommended that during dosing, the skimmer and other filtration is turned off for 10 minutes to give the bacteria a bit of time to fall out of the water column so that they are not immediately removed.  The product is non-toxic and overdosing your aquarium is not possible.

If you are looking for an easy yet effective way to help keep your tank in pristine condition, the Tunze CareBacter is the perfect solution.