When keeping a fish tank, you will quickly learn that not all fish are meant to be together. While compatibility among particular species and tank size requirements are well documented in the hobby, many of us will eventually run into a situation in which a fish needs to be removed from our aquarium.   Aggression towards tankmates is the number one culprit but sometime s illness or the need for a larger tank are what drives the need to get a fish out of your reef.

Unfortunately grabbing a fish net and attempting to scoop the fish up is far easier said than done.  Fish are fast and quite agile in the water, plus, maneuvering a fish net around your rocks and corals is much more difficult than it seems.  Aqua Medic makes an awesome fish trap that, with a little patience, should help you to safely and easily remove that problem fish from your tank.

Fish traps come in all kinds of shapes and styles, the Aqua Medic fish trap is quickly becoming our favorite because it is well built and it actually works!  The large body of the trap is made of plastic which makes the trap light enough to suction cup to the wall of your tank in an area where your problem fish likes to feed.  The trap door is made of glass because this adds weight to the door which means it will quickly drop into place when triggered.  Plastic or acrylic doors will often slowly fall into place because they are not heavy enough to overcome the resistance created by the water which can give your problem fish plenty of time to escape before the door closes completely.

The way it works is quite simple.  You want to fill the bait tube with your fishes’ favorite meal.   Then place the entire trap into your tank and set the trap door by lifting it up and placing the pin in place.  Run the clear string out of the top of your tank and give it a test pull to ensure the trap door is easily triggered.  Reset the trap door and then allow the fish to become accustomed to feeding from the tube.  Sometimes this will happen within a matter of minutes but in most cases it will take a couple of hours or even days for your fish to get used to eating from the trap.  Once you observe the problem fish feeding from the tube, it is time to pull the string which will trigger the door to drop and trap your fish inside.  The fish can then easily be removed from your tank for transfer or treatment.

In the event that you need to isolate the fish for an extended period of time, the trap can effectively be used as an isolation chamber because it has two large vents that allows fresh water to travel through the trap and the feeding tube allows you to easily feed the fish inside.

While trapping fish can be frustrating, the Aqua Medic fish trap is a great way to help relieve some of the stress in the event you encounter a bully fish or need to remove a fish from your tank for any reason.

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