EcoTech Marine has long been established as an industry leader by producing products that not only innovate but also provide hobbyists with a level of quality that is second to none. The Versa Peristaltic Dosing Pumps are the most recent addition to EcoTech's network of wirelessly controlled equipment and are arguably the most capable dosing pumps we have seen to date. 

EcoTech Marine Versa Package Contents

What's in the box:

  • Versa pump with mounting bracket
  • Power supply
  • Stem adapters for flexible tubing
  • Graduated cylinder
  • Molykote lubricant
  • Mounting hardware
  • Quick start guide


  • Min Dosing Volume: .5 μL/min
  • Max Dosing Volume: 300 mL/min
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.2 mL for < 1 mL, +/- 2% for 1-300 mL
  • Dimensions: 3.15"L x 2.34"W x 3.45"H
  • Input Voltage: 110V
  • Vertical Head Pressure: 18 FT
  • Tubing Connections: 1/4" OD push connect
EcoTech Marine Versa
EcoTech Marine Versa
EcoTech Marine Versa Mounting Bracket

Reliable Operation

The Versa pumps are single-channel dosing pumps that are driven with a pancake-style motor connected to a planetary gear system which allows for precision fluid delivery and quiet operation. The internal hose is made from lab-grade tubing and combines with a sturdy roller assembly to make one of the longest-lasting dosing pump heads on the market. 

The Versa can be used to deliver additives, perform automatic water changes, top off your tank with fresh water, and even feed a calcium reactor. They can be programmed to run a detailed dosing schedule or continuously deliver fluids up to a maximum rate of 300mL per minute. 

EcoTech Marine Versa Base Station

Easy Integration

Each pump includes 1/4" quick disconnect fittings for easy connection to semi-rigid RO tubing but also includes stem/barb adapters to accommodate flexible tubing. While the pumps can be mounted and operate stand-alone, the Versa Base Station accessory accommodates up to four Versa dosing pumps and replaces the need for individual power supplies. There are colored indicator LEDs right on the base station to easily differentiate the pumps and the entire assembly mounts using just two screws.  

EcoTech Marine Versa  - Mobius

Controlled By Mobius

In addition to the sturdy construction and reliable performance, the Versa is wirelessly controlled using EcoTech Marine's very popular Mobius app. Upon mounting your pump, simply download the app and connect via Bluetooth using your smart device and you will be walked through the calibration process and served very intuitive programs to accommodate common applications on reef aquariums.

  • Monitor your dosing container volume to know exactly how much additive you have left
  • Create up to 30 dosing points throughout the day using custom dosing schedules
  • Preset dosing schedules for calcium, magnesium, and alkalinity
  • Preset auto water change program
  • Visualize 24-hour dosing complete dosing schedule 
  • Safeguards against overdosing using a daily maximum dose
  • Receive Notifications from Mobius
  • Integrates with other Mobius-enabled devices (feed mode)