As a reef nerd, it can sometimes be difficult to make new friends. When all you want to talk about are fish, corals and aquarium equipment, holding people's interest is a real challenge.

Joining an aquarium club in your area is one of the best ways to connect with like-minded people that share your enthusiasm for reef keeping. Plus, as you'll soon discover, participating in your local club can open you to many new opportunities and ideas that will help you learn and progress in the hobby.

In today's Marine Depot video, we sit down with two Southern California Marine Aquarium Society board members to discuss the benefits of joining a local reef club. During our conversation, we cover a lot of ground—including the history of SCMAS, tank tours, workshops plus share laughs on topics only other reefers can relate to.

We also talk about Reef-A-Palooza's humble beginnings and how this annual celebration of reef keeping has evolved into one of the world's largest aquarium shows.

If you are unfamiliar with aquarium clubs or have been considering joining your local chapter, watch to find out the countless ways that a club membership can benefit you... and your tank!

We hope our fun Q&A with Greg Carroll and Marc Trimble has inspired you to join an aquarium club! You can visit the Education Center of our website to find your local chapter.

Countless thanks to SCMAS for sharing their time and knowledge with us, not to mention organizing one of our favorite events, Reef-A-Palooza! Please like, share and subscribe if you found this video helpful and until next time, take care and happy reef keeping.