Today we are excited to show you the latest innovations from AquaMaxx which boast all the great features and quality construction you have come to expect from AquaMaxx protein skimmers, as well as some awesome upgrades that make these among their best skimmers yet!

The all-new AquaMaxx ConeS Q-Series combines the space-saving benefits of the AquaMaxx EcoMaxx line with the advanced bubble diffusers and handsome design of the original ConeS Series.

Q-Series skimmers rock a slim profile and are outfitted with reliable and whisper quiet Sicce needlewheel pumps which are placed inside the skimmer body to save you space inside your sump.

The popular bubble plate design introduced in the original ConeS Series has been incorporated into the Q-Series as well to eliminate turbulence and deliver a stable laminar flow that is unlike any other skimmer brand.

AquaMaxx has completely redesigned the outlet pipe, which reduced the footprint and lowered the overall height of the skimmer yet still allows for easy adjustments and minimal microbubbles. The revamped outlet pipe is one of our favorite features of the new Q-Series because it gives you precise control and is super easy to adjust.

Also new to the Q-Series is an updated collection cup design. The cone-shaped neck allows bubbles inside the skimmer to rise smoothly into the cup and there’s even a nifty handle to make removal easier than ever.

AquaMaxx's attention to detail has always impressed us and the new Q-Series is no different. If you are shopping for in-sump skimmer or looking to upgrade, the AquaMaxx ConeS Q-Series are definitely worthy of your consideration.

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