The aquarium hobby is full of technical jargon, confusing acronyms and scientific mumbo jumbo.  We decided to start the Talk the Talk video series to help you avoid stumbling over these not-so-common aquarium terms.

Hydrometer: A device that uses density for measuring the specific gravity of saltwater.

Aquarium Monitors: Electronic device that monitors water parameters digitally allowing you to keep a close eye on your water parameters at all times.

Refractometer: A device that utilizes light and a prism to measure the specific gravity of saltwater.

Powerhead: A submersible water pump used to increase water movement inside your aquarium.

Overflow Box: A box that skims water from the surface of your aquarium and functions as a drain to your sump or wet/dry filter.

Fluidized Media Reactor:  A remote chamber that is fed with aquarium water and houses filter media.  Designed to provided maximum exposure time with your filter media.

Calcium Reactor: A remote chamber designed to maintain calcium and alkalinity.  CO2 mixes with aquarium water and reacts with calcium carbonate media enriching your aquarium water with calcium and alkalinity.

Aquarium Controller: Electronic monitoring device that has the ability to power on and off equipment based on water parameter readings.