Nano aquariums are one of the best things that have happened to our hobby. They have opened up doors to reef keeping for many people that may have been too intimidated to keep saltwater aquariums in the past.

For this reason, many manufacturers are releasing nano-sized products to introduce higher quality equipment into these very popular pint-sized aquariums. In this video, we have the new CAD Lights Nano Pipeless Protein Skimmer and will show you how and why this skimmer is going to be a great choice for your nano aquarium.

What makes it nano?  Well the size of course!  The skimmer has a small footprint of only 3.5" x 3.25" making it small enough for installation in most all in one aquariums. The skimmer includes a hang-on bracket and just be sure to measure the space inside your tank first, just to ensure the skimmer will fit.

It is constructed of 100% cell-cast acrylic and comprised of very easy to assemble components.

The skimmer includes an air silencer for quiet operation and as well as a silicone airline tubing. The included bubble plate will help reduce turbulence and improve performance. The pump houses a needle-wheel impeller for fine foam production and is rated for aquariums up to 50 gallons! Basically, the skimmer boasts all the same great features you would find on larger, professional type skimmers but comes in a nano size package.

Upon hanging the skimmer onto your aquarium, you will want to open the drain by loosening the lock knob and turn the skimmer until the holes are aligned on the bottom of the skimmer body. Then, apply power and give the skimmer a minute to settle.  After about 60 seconds you can start to adjust the foam level by slowly turning the skimmer clockwise and observe the foam level.  Once the foam is adjusted to the desired level, you can tighten the lock knob and the skimmer is all set go.