Thank you for tuning in. In this video we have a really exciting product to show you guys that happens to be one my personal favorite light fixtures that I use on my home aquarium. This fixture is jam packed with features and powerful enough to light reef tanks of just about any size. The light I'm talking about is the Aquatic Life Expert Series Cree LED light fixture.

AquaticLife XS 14 Inch 78 Watt Cree LED Light Fixture (3 Watt x 24)

The Aquatic Life Expert series LED is available in three different sizes. They offer the 14 inch, 34 inch, and 46 inch fixtures. The 14 inch model includes suspension hardware and the larger 34 and 46 inch models include mounting legs. Suspension hardware is option for the larger models but is sold separately.

Aquatic Life is using American Made Cree LED Diodes in white, blue, royal blue, and red. They offer 60, 80 and 100 Degree lens options.The Royal Blue and Blue LED's come with 80 degree lenses and the While LED's use 100 degree lenses. This combination allows the light to blend nicely over the aquarium. The lenses can be replaced with optional 60 degree lenses for a more customized setup. It comes with the Aquatic Life standard 12 month warranty and Aquatic Life's lifetime repair guarantee.

Now onto the exciting part which is the integrated control features.

This fixture allows for up to 3 different custom time schedules to be programmed at one time. It also has a lunar mode and storm mode built right in. The included remote control will allow you to easily switch through the different modes and timing schedules with ease.

You will need to connect this fixture with your computer in order to program the custom timing schedules, change the LED color combinations and set the internal clock. In order to connect with your computer, you will need the 9 digit serial number, located on the back of the light fixture, and then simply visit the Aquatic Life website. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the necessary software FREE of charge.

Once the software is installed on your computer, simply attach the USB cord to the fixture and plug it right into the USB port on your computer, then go ahead and launch the software. The program will automatically recognize and connect with the light. Aquatic Life also sells a wireless USB bridge which will allow for wireless connection with your computer. This bridge is sold separately and you can check out our website for more details.

When using the software, you can see all of the color changes and program modes in real-time, making it easy to see how the fixture will look over your aquarium. You can save your custom colors and timing schedules right on your computer and even trade them with other hobbyists. You can then upload the custom programs onto the fixture and you're ready to go.

Thanks again for watching and please feel free to send us your questions by email or via phone at 1-800-566-3474. Visit our website to read reviews, see photos and check specs on the AquaticLife Expert Series Cree LED Light. Take care and happy reefkeeping!