We're bringing aboard some new products next week from California-based aquarium supply manufacturer Innovative Marine.

IM sent over word that their website went live today, so we thought we'd share the link with our readers so you can see the great aquariums and light fixtures we'll have available beginning August 22.

We are anticipating a shipment next Thursday or Friday and we've already begun accepting pre-orders for the tanks. Please check our store or call 1-800-566-FISH for updates. As noted on Innovative Marine's home page, MarineDepot.com will be first online retailer to carry IM's products when they launch next week.

IM's NuvoAquarium series is comprised of 5 all-in-one rimless glass aquariums. There is a 4-gallon Pico, an 8-gallon Nano, a larger 16-gallon Nano, a 30-gallon Micro and a 38-gallon Mini. All of the aquariums are available in black or white and are equipped with built-in filtration and SkkyeLight LED light fixtures to grow live aquatic plants and marine corals.

IM's SkkyeLight LEDs can also be purchased separately if you already have a tank set up but are looking to upgrade to an LED light fixture. Similar to the Nuvo aquariums, the SkkyeLight series LED lights are available in either black or white. There is a 4-watt Clamp, an 8-watt Clamp, a 30-watt Tablet and a 92-watt Tablet.

Feel free to contact us or leave a comment if you have any questions about these or any other aquarium products.