Which protein skimmer would you recommend for a 70 gallon reef aquarium?

Since you didn't mention if you have a sump, I will suggest both hang on back (HOB) and in-sump models so you'll be covered.

For hang on models, you can't go wrong with the AquaC Remora Series. They are reliable, efficient and affordable. CPR BakPak skimmers are another option popular among MD customers. If you're looking for something a little more high-end, try Deltec.

For an in-sump protein skimmer you should consider the AquaC EV Series, Vertex or ASM. Each of these brands offers superb skimmers that don't break the bank. Although if you have the money to spend, I'd again recommend Deltec along with Hydor.

We carry more than 100 different protein skimmers so there are plenty more to consider if you don't find the few I've mentioned appealing. We'd be happy to offer you a more personalized recommendation if you contact us and provide more information about your tank and goals.

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