For the last two weeks, we have discussed the potential impact of invasive species that threaten to undermine the delicate ecological balance off the Eastern coast of the United States. Luckily, scientists have discovered this problem and are taking action to correct it.

But what can you, as an aquarist, do to help?

The easiest thing to do is to not release any organisms back into the wild. Even if the species you are releasing is indigenous to the area, the fish may carry diseases that can wipe out a native population. At the very least, your fish has become accustom to not working for food and will most likely starve if it needs to hunt again.

A more proactive approach is to join a local conservation group, such as or These groups not only help to monitor the current state of invasion, but also assist in the cleanup process.

Thank you for joining us on this 3 week journey of discovery and conservation. Through responsible reef keeping, we can maintain wild populations and save the natural balance.