No more stratification issues, ESV Salt Mix.
  1. 100-Gallon B-Ionic Seawater System Refill Kit - ESV
    ESV Aquarium Products Inc.
    100-Gallon B-Ionic Seawater System Refill Kit - ESV


The Salt

The ESV B-Ionic salt mix has a unique approach with its four-part salt mix that allows consistency through each batch of salt from bucket to bucket, resulting in no stratification.

The convenience of the ESV salt mix is its consistency and purity. The salt is a pure pharma grade salt mix that mixes clear and clean. You can store it for weeks at a time and will not change its consistency. The levels run evenly at 9.1 DHK for Alkalinity, 450ppm for Calcium, and 1400ppm for Magnesium when mixed at a salinity of 34ppt. Ideally, most reefers typically stay within that salinity range, and it's perfect for anyone willing to stick with safer alkalinity zones without raising the other major elements. Also, given its consistency, this does not cause any stratification when creating large batches of water when holding water for an extended time frame. The precipitate will no longer clump at the bottom of your container.

In The Box

In the box, you'll find the Ultra-Low Sodium Chloride, the USP Grade Magnesium Sulfate, two liquid components A and B, and the mixing instructions with a chart. If you're new to the ESV Salt Mix, it's best to grab one of their starter kits, as they include both a graduated cup and measuring cup set for added convenience and easy measuring.

ESV Salt Mix

In the box, you'll find four separate components needed to add to your premade RO/DI water. The mixing instructions with charts will help guide you with this process, so it's good to have that handy as it breaks everything by volume and by weight based on the amount of saltwater you would like to produce.

First, you'll start with the volume of water you desire between 1 gallon to 100 gallons and follow their instructions guide for adding each component at different intervals. They also provide some helpful tips for consistency and accuracy, like utilizing a digital scale. It's relatively easy for any reefer. You add sodium chloride and mix it until it's dissolved into your prepared RODI water, then dissolve the magnesium sulfate until it's dissolved; shortly after, you add component A and wait one minute before adding component B. Check your salinity with a handy dandy refractometer, and you're good to go!

ESV Salt Mix


There are three sizes for the starter kits and two sizes for the refill kits.