While we love the 3D printed Random Flow Generators from Vivid Creative Aquatics, we want to shine a light on a clever little VCA accessory that can turn your low-cost utility pump into the most effective cleaning device in your arsenal.  

The VCA Vacuum Attachments are available in two different models, both of which operate the same way and allow you to specifically target different areas of your tank that are otherwise very difficult to clean effectively. The attachments simply slip right onto the inlet/suction side of a small Maxi-Jet or similar type of utility pump to create a very effective vacuum nozzle. The pump can then be held in your hand and moved around your sump or filtration system to suck out detritus and debris as it pumps water out.

The wider vacuum attachment is great for sucking settled debris from the bottom of your sump or frag tank. Anywhere there is a flat bare bottom that needs cleaning. The crevice tool is very similar to the skinny attachment included with most household vacuums and allows you to target corners, in-between baffles, and under frag racks with concentrated suction.  Simply use the attachments when removing water for your water change and you can increase the effectiveness of your water change. Remove water and nitrate-laden debris at the same time! 

Includes necessary adapters to fit the Marineland Maxi-Jet 600 & 1200, Sicce Nano, and Eheim CompactON 300 utility pumps. A length of1/2" internal diameter flexible tubing can then be connected to the pump outlet to carry the water out of your tank into a bucket or down the drain.