Among the various ways we have embraced modern technology in our hobby, improvements to water testing devices has really moved the needle forward in terms of success rates. Now, more than ever, aquarium owners can get quick and reliable water test results without having to fumble with drawn-out water tests that are no more accurate than they are a joy to perform. When a necessary process is easy, we are far less likely to neglect it which ultimately means more and more hobbyists are taking control of their tank's water chemistry because water testing is easy. The proof is in the pudding and hobbyists are more successful today than ever before. 

Hanna Salinity Tester

Hanna Instruments is a scientific equipment manufacturer that has made big waves in the aquarium space and their electronic Salinity Tester is hands down one of our favorites. It's incredibly simple to use and you can be confident in your test results. Calibration is easy and takes less than a minute to perform so even if you question a test result, you can justify or reject your suspicions just as quickly as they were formed. 

What's In The Box
  • HI98319 Marine Salinity Tester
  • CR2032 Battery (installed)
  • Storage Case
  • 35ppt Calibration Standard Sachets x4
  • Instruction Manual
  • Quality Certificate
  • Salinity Measurement Range: 0.0 - 70.0 ppt (g/L) or 1.000 - 1.041 S.G.
  • Temperature Range: 0.0 to 50.0°C (32.0 to 122.0°F)
  • Units of Measure: PPT, PSU, and Specific Gravity
  • Accuracy: ±1 ppt for 0.0 to 40.0 ppt
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation up to 122°F
  • Single point calibration at 35 ppt
  • Floats and water resistant
  • Easy to read LCD display
Hanna Salinity Tester
Hanna Salinity Tester
Hanna Salinity Tester

Setup & Operation


Upon opening the box, the first step is to calibrate the salinity meter before taking your measurements. Calibrate the meter once per month for the most accurate results and always rinse the meter in RO/DI water after calibrating.

    1. Cut open the calibration solution sachet
    2. Press POWER button
    3. Press CAL button
    4. Salinity Meter will display CAL then 35.00 USE
    5. Inset meter all the way into the calibration sachet; tap to dislodge air bubbles
    6. Metter will display STOR when calibration is complete
    7. Rinse the meter in RO/DI water before taking measurements

Taking Salinity Measurement

    1. Press POWER button
    2. Insert the tip of the meter into the aquarium water
    3. Tap to dislodge air bubbles
    4. Take reading once measurement stops blinking and is stabilized
    5. Salinity measurement is the large numbers on top and water temperature is the smaller numbers on the bottom
    6. Power OFF the meter and rinse in RO/DI water before storage

You can adjust the unit of measure and switch between °C or °F using the setup button located inside the battery compartment; see the user manual for detailed instructions.