Sicce Ultra Zero

Sicce Ultra Zero Utility Pump

This specially designed pump is the perfect solution for transferring water in and out of your aquarium during water changes. It can operate in water depths as shallow as 2mm meaning it can easily draw almost all of the water from your reservoir or sump. It has a threaded 3/4" male garden hose connection for easy connection to siphon tubes or hoses and moves a maximum of 793 GPH. 

Python Siphon System

Python No-Spill Clean and Fill Siphon

So much more than a piece of tubing, the Python No-Spill Siphon is a complete water change system. The kit is available in 25, 50, 75, or 100 foot lengths and features a gravel vacuum attachment so you can easily clean your substrate during water changes. It comes with standard 3/4" garden hose connections and includes a special valve that connects to your faucet to create suction and then draw water out of your aquarium without the need for a pump and extra containers to hold your wastewater. Connect the Python to a pump like the Sicce Ultra Zero to then move water from your saltwater reservoir into your tank. 

Maxi-Jet Utility Pump

Maxi-Jet Powerhead

A must-have for ALL aquarium owners, these affordable pumps are surprisingly robust and can be super handy for a variety of tasks around the aquarium. The included attachments allow you to mount and configure the pump in multiple ways. It also has a special impeller and plastic shroud that turns the powerhead into an external propeller-style pump perfect for mixing saltwater or creating flow inside your display.  

  • Blow detritus off your aquascape
  • Clean out hard-to-reach areas of your sump or filtration using VCA Vacuum Attachments
  • Transfer water
  • Feed reactors
  • Aerate a QT tank
  • Mix saltwater

Vivid Creative Aquatics Vacuum Attachments

VCA Vacuum Attachments

These 3D-printed plastic nozzles attach to the suction side of compact utility pumps creating a handheld vacuum that easily pulls detritus from hard-to-reach areas of your aquascape, sump, or AIO filtration. The attachments include fittings to accommodate Marineland Maxi-Jet Pumps, Sicce Syncra Nano, and Eheim CompactON 300

Algae Free Long Handle Algae Scraper

Algae Free Razor Blade Glass Scraper

Who likes algae on their aquarium walls?  Nobody really, which means having an effective glass scraper is a game changer when it comes to keeping your aquarium looking clean. Algae growing on the glass happens in ALL aquariums, even healthy tanks.

With a hand-held scraper, you have a few advantages over an algae magnet including the ability to remove 100% of the algae with a single pass. The sharp stainless steel blades won't rust, at least anywhere near as quickly, as you get with a run-of-the-mill razor blade and can easily remove even the most stubborn algae. The blades are also much longer, over double the length, so you can clean more glass with every motion. The long handle is rigid so you can apply sufficient pressure but also long enough to keep your sleeves relatively dry during cleaning. 

The scraper measures 12" long and the cleaning blade is 3.125" wide. It includes x1 stainless steel blade and you can purchase a 10-pack of replacement blades separately.