Plumbing your tank with an EcoTech Marine Vecta doesn't have to be difficult, just use the Barb and Screen Kit!  EcoTech's upgrade kit for Vecta pumps includes two plastic hose barbs that attach directly to the pump without the need for any glue. You can then easily press-fit the appropriately sized flexible vinyl tubing and bypass hard PVC pipe altogether. You also get a plastic intake screen designed for submersible applications that block large debris, fish, snails, and other obstructions from entering the pump and damaging the impeller.

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The Vectra Barb and Screen Kits are available in three different sizes, one for each of the different Vectra models.  Just choose the kit that matches your pump and you are all set. You will get one intake barb, one output barb, and one intake screen protector. Whether your pump is mounted externally, on a closed-loop, or submerged into your sump, the single barb and screen kit includes everything you need to get connected and protected.

The appropriate flexible vinyl tubing sizes should match the barb fittings as outlined above with the smaller barb always attached to the outlet. **Pro Tip: Don't forget to remove the red o-ring when installing the intake screen!