Triton additive use is multiplying rapidly in coral reef tanks and with good reason. Between their ultra-pure additives and accurate ICP-OES testing, you can not know exactly what is in your tank, and the concentrations. Many systems rely on a mess of additives that all serve a single purpose, but Triton’s Core7 Base Elements system is a fully incorporated 4 part system that includes calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, and every other trace element in proper proportions that your corals need to grow and thrive. Triton can achieve this because of their ICP testing process and with years of research in what corals consume when they grow, the Core7 Base Elements method is a reliable solution. Knowing how much to dose is pretty simple, and is not much different from any other 2-part dosing system. You will want to monitor your alkalinity levels as you dose making sure that the level is not lowering or rising. Triton recommends most reef tanks start at 2ml of each component per 26 gallons of tank water and then monitoring your alkalinity at the same time every day until you have a system in place. Once you have a daily dosage dialed in you can use Tritons ICP testing to know if you need to add any additional trace elements to balance things out. If you do not want to use the complete Triton method, that includes a large refugium, no filter socks, etc. Triton does offer the Core7 Reef Supplements that is balanced for traditional 2-part dosing systems that do not follow the Triton Method.