The Reef Glass Nano Protein Skimmer is a perfect solution for your all-in-one nano aquariums up to 30 gallons.  This air-driven protein skimmer has a minimal footprint at only 1 ¼” wide which means it will discreetly fit into the back filtration chambers of most any all-in-one aquarium.

The simple design includes a durable Pyrex glass tube with a limewood airstone inside. A separate air pump is required to inject air into the protein skimmer and any air pump that can deliver around 1 liter per minute of air will be sufficient.

Reef Glass Protein Skimmer

The skimmer has two connections on top; one for the airline that carries air into the protein skimmer from the air pump through the adjustment valve.  The second tubing connection carries waste out of your tank into a separate container.

The included acrylic mounting bracket will accommodate aquarium rims up to 1” thick.

Operation is very simple and minimal adjustments are required when submersed into an area with a constant water level.  You simply connect the air pump and then adjust the foam level inside of the glass tube using the air adjustment valve.  The glass skimmer body height can also be adjusted using the included sliding o-ring which helps accommodate various water level situations.

Reef Glass Protein Skimmer

Regular cleaning of the skimmer body and small connections on top is vital for proper operation.  All of the airlines and limewood airstones should be clean and free of any algae or build-up at all times.

The reliable performance and the ability to fit into just about any all-in-one style aquarium is what makes the Reef Glass Nano Protein Skimmer a very popular choice for small marine aquariums.