After three years, our collaboration with World Wide Corals is finally blossoming into the well-executed SPS garden we had originally dreamed of. The BRStv crew put together this epic video montage of the 750XXL BRS/WWC Hybrid tank here at the BRS headquarters to show you guys just how far the tank has come.  

The BRS/WWC Hybrid tank was originally built back in 2019 with the goal of combining our experience with the knowledge of the renowned coral farmers at World Wide Corals to produce an SPS dominant reef tank. Through this collaboration, we came up with the BRS/WWC Hybrid approach and documented the entire process as part of a 20 episode video series that you can watch right here in the BRS Education Center.  You can also check out an update we filmed back in 2020 or watch the Top Mistakes episode where Ryan and Randy reflect on this tank build and share some of the hard lessons we learned along the way.  

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