Best Fragging Tools of 2022

When it comes time to cut and mount your coral, having the right tool for the job can make all the difference. Whether it's particularly sharp scalpels to make clean cuts through slimy coral flesh or quick curing adhesives to make a strong bond, we have everything you need to propagate coral like a pro. 

These fragging tools made our list because they offer something particularly unique or do their job exceptionally well. In many cases, it's both! So without further ado, here are the best fragging tools of 2022 so you can be confident you're making the right choice for your propagation endeavors. 


Reef Rax

Reef Rax Coral Mounts

Reef Rax makes a wide range of molded resin coral mounts that blend right into your aquascape. Their magnetic frag racks are particularly attractive because they easily mount to the walls of your aquarium without creating an eyesore. 

There is a wide range of options from a giant clam cradle and single magnetic frag mount to multi-frag racks that come in a variety of shapes and colors. The resin material is non-toxic, incredibly durable, lightweight, and looks great inside your display.  


BRS Deluxe Coral Propagation Kit

BRS Deluxe Coral Propagation Kit

For all you coral collectors out there, the Deluxe Propagation kit is just what the Dr. ordered. You get a huge assortment of all the best coral cutting tools in a single kit. From cutting branches of SPS to slicing anemones and mushrooms, you will have everything you need to cut any type of coral. 

The tools are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel to withstand harsh saltwater and you also get a tube of cyanoacrylate super glue gel to get started making your very own frags. 


Tunze Coral Gum

Tunze Coral Gum

Tunze Coral Gum made the list because it is a quick-curing two-part epoxy that doesn't make a mess in your display. Once the two components are blended together, you have just the right amount of time to mold the epoxy before it begins to harden. It won't make your skimmer go bonkers, it doesn't smell, is not sticky, and cures solid so your corals stay where you want them to.  


Insta-set Super Glue Accelerator

Brine Shrimp Hatchery

Insta-set is a must-have tool for serious coral farmers and works really well for building custom aquascapes. It works by accelerating the cure time of cyanoacrylate coral adhesives so you don't have to hold things in place for an extended amount of time. 

Just glue your coral as normal, spritz the glue with a small amount of Insta-set and immediately dunk the frag in water to dissipate heat and set the bond. When building custom aquascapes, the Insta-set makes it possible to quickly apply layers of cyanoacrylate which results in stronger bonds between pieces of rock.  


Oceans Wonders

Oceans Wonders

Oceans Wonders manufacturers a variety of fragging tools but we particularly appreciate their selection of coral mounts. Whether you want plugs, disks, or tiles, Oceans Wonders makes it.

You can choose from either a fired ceramic or compressed calcium-carbonate sand material.

  • Ceramic: Does not require curing, is 100% reef safe and is very durable.
  • Calcium-Carbonate Sand: Natural substrate for corals to attach to and promotes the spread of coralline algae. 

For those of you who are particular about aesthetics, they also offer natural-looking frag rocks, colored ceramic plugs, and magnetically mounted coral disks for mounting corals on your tank walls.  


Bob Smith Industries IC-Gel Cyanoacrylate Gel

Bob Smith Industries IC-Gel Cyanoacrylate Gel

IC-Gel is widely known as one of the best cyanoacrylate super glue gels for fragging because it has a very thick consistency and cures fast underwater. The thick consistency makes it much easier to secure small coral frags to flat coral mounts and helps improve the surface area where the glue and coral come in contact with each other. Rather than a very thin liquid, you get a viscous gel that holds its shape while still accomodating irregular surfaces.