Elimi-NP is a very special blend of carbon sources that only targets those beneficial bacteria that reduce phosphate in your aquarium. This means algae and harmful bacteria will not make use of the carbon source like you get with other carbon dosing methods. The result will be a slow and steady drop in phosphates and nitrates without the risk of fueling harmful organisms. 

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How To Use Elimi-NP

Elimi-NP can be used as a stand-alone solution for lowering phosphates in a reef tank or as the first step in using Tropic Marin's Carbon Dosing method. Before using Elimi-NP, your tank should be testing with 0.1 ppm or higher of phosphate and at least >1.0 ppm of nitrates. 

  • Daily Dosage: 0.1mL of Elimi-NP per 26 gallons of tank water.

Dose Elimi-NP directly into an area of high flow, such as into your powerheads or return flow. It is best to dose in the morning, just after your lights have turned on for the day.  That said, it is safe to dose Elimi-NP anytime throughout the day.

Test your phosphate and nitrate levels weekly.  After two weeks of dosing every day, if you have not witnessed a slow and steady drop in your nutrient levels you can increase the daily dosage by 0.1 mL per 26 gallons. Proceed for another two weeks with daily dosing at the higher rate and test again. You can increase the dosage as necessary every two weeks until the desired phosphate level is achieved (0.05 ppm Phosphate). 

Tropic Marin Carbon Dosing
  1. NP-Bacto-Balance
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  2. Elimi-NP
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Tropic Marin Carbon Dosing

Tropic Marin has designed a unique and comprehensive carbon-dosing solution that involves three different additives. The specialized carbon source contained in all three additives targets ONLY beneficial, phosphate-loving bacteria. You will not run the risk of promoting growth among annoying algae or harmful microbes like you get with other carbon-dosing products. 

  • Elimi-NP: Lowers phosphate and nitrate levels. Carbon Souce + Zero Nutrients
  • NP Bacto-Balance: Primary additive. Maintains low phosphate and nitrate while also providing sufficient - balanced nutrients to prevent starving your tank. Carbon Source + Balanced Nutrients
  • Plus-NP: Increases phosphate and nitrate levels. Carbon Source + Extra Nutrients

Step #1 - Use either Elimi-NP or Plus-NP to adjust your phosphate levels to the ideal range: 0.05 ppm phosphate.  If your levels are high, use Elimi-NP or if your levels are very low or undetectable using hobby grade test kits, use Plus-NP.

Step #2 - Once you have tested phosphate in the ideal range, switch over to dosing NP Bacto-Balance which will then provide both a sufficient carbon source to support the bacteria as well as critical levels of nitrogen and phosphorous to avoid starving your corals. Continue with NP-Bacto-Balance moving forward to lock in those optimal levels of nitrate and phosphate without having to constantly worry about adjusting your dosage or feeding harmful organisms.

Step #3 - Test your phosphate levels weekly. Should you start to see levels rise or fall again in the future, discontinue NP Bacto-Balance.  Switch over to either Elimi-NP or Plus-NP accordingly to get back in balance before continuing again with NP Bacto-balance.

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The result will be ideal balanced levels of phosphate and nitrate. You will not need to make constant adjustments to your dosage and will not run the risk of starving out your tank when used as directed.

Focus on testing for phosphate when dialing in your dosing but monitor nitrates as well. Nitrate levels should be maintained at <1.0 ppm or a similar low range. You can take additional measures (filtration, water changes, etc.) to lower nitrates should they be extraordinarily high for any reason. 

**Pro Tip: Carbon dosing focuses on bacteria that consume phosphates, which is why you see a drop in phosphate. That bacteria is then consumed by your corals and other invertebrates as an optimal source of nutrition, providing phosphates they could not normally acquire in your tank. This increased nutrition within the corals and inverts then promotes a higher metabolic rate which results in a higher uptake of nitrates. This is how the nitrates are lowered. Just remember bacteria lower phosphates, corals lower nitrates.