Is there a BEST Nitrate Test Kit out there? Try these Best of 2019 Nitrate kits!

Salifert Nitrate Test Kit

Most Popular, most affordable and very accurate

Salifert is classically one of the most preferred test kit brands by reefers and the Nitrate kit is a prime example. It is a simple two step color indicating water test that also happens to be the most affordable option in the category. The pink color graduation can be a little difficult to decipher when testing below 5ppm, however, most reefers would be happy simply knowing the levels are that low. The kit is quick, accurate and affordable earning Salifert Nitrate Water Test Kits a spot on the Best in Show podium for 2019.

Nyos Nitrate REEFER Test Kit

Most Accurate and easiest to use

We created a 2ppm and 10ppm standard nitrate solution and tested all of the Nitrate Test Kits we stock here at BRS to find the most reliably accurate kit. Nyos was the winner comming in with just a +/-2ppm variance at both ends of the spectrum. The distinct yellow color graduation is a little easier to read compared to the others and the simple two step reagent testing process is easy to perform. Being one of only two preferred test kits by Ryan and Randy, Nyos shares the best in show spot with Salifert for 2019.

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