The Super Car of Chaeto Algae Reactors? Pax Bellum Arid N-Series Macro Algae Reactors

When it comes to macroalgae reactors, Pax Bellum leads the pack with their A.R.I.D. N-Series reactors. The patented design eliminates the transfer of heat energy into your aquarium while allowing for full illumination of the reactor and contained macroalgae from the inside. With this full internal illumination you maximize the possible photosynthesis and therefore, nutrient reducing power of the reactor. The white PVC walls further increase this effect by reflecting the light back into the reactor.

Reducing nitrate and phosphate is not the only benefit of using a Pax Bellum reactor. You can effectively supress the severity of the nocturnal pH drop that often occurs in reef aquaria via CO2 consumption. As the level of dissolved CO2 rises when the lights go out in your reef tank, you can run the Pax Bellum reactor on a "reverse daylight" cycle to consume that excess CO2. Meaning your macroalgae reactor is illuminated while your reef tank is dark.

The same effect can be had when used in conjunction with a calcium reactor. Just run your effluent calcium reactor solution directly into the A.R.I.D reactor using the optional injection assembly for immediate consumption of excess CO2 by the chaetomorpha macroalgae. The large reactor chambers and excellerated macroalgae growth are also efficient enough to be used in conjunction with the Triton Method. The level of growth you can acheive will fullfill the nutrient export requirements that ultimately minimize the need for frequent water changes when employing the Triten Method on your reef tank.

Algae Reactors and Scrubbers

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