XAqua INOUT Aquarium Overflow Box. Water in & Water Out... It's That Simple!

Check out the XAqua INOUT if your looking for a stylish and convenient way to quickly attach a sump to your existing glass or acrylic aquarium. Comfortably handling up to 660 GPH of water flow, this overflow/return combo is unique in its ability to automatically create a pulsing stream of water back into your display without any special nozzles or attachments.

The plastic halves come attached but you can easily break them apart for placement anywhere your like. You only need 2.5" of clearance behind the tank for installation and when using the optional XAqua Hose Kit you can have it connected to your sump in just minutes. The included template makes it easy to size and align both of the necessary holes to mount both the drain and return assemblies.

XAqua INOUT Overflow and Pulsing Return

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