Lifegard Aquatics's Intelli-Feed Rechargeable Automatic Fish Feeder

Lifegard Aquatics Intelli-Feed is an automatic fish feeder with all the bells and whistles. It features a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that can quickly be charged via a standard USB power adapter with a conveinient battery life indicator right on the LCD display. The digital programming is quick and simple for reliable feeding while your away. You can also take advantage of the included Manual Feed button to give your fish an extra feeding when your home.

The large hopper holds a generous amount of food and includes an adjustable door so you can dictate the amount of food dispensed with each rotation. It includes a tank mount that will accomodate glass up to 1" thick and allows for a 360° swivel for flexible placement. There is minimal assembly required and once mounted, just pull back the large hopper door and fill with your favorite fish food without removing or disassembling the feeder.

Lifegard Aquatics Intelli-feed

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