30% Off Cloud Gyre Pumps

The next-generation Gyre pumps are here and Maxspect has built upon the already proven and wildly successful Gyre pump platform with a redesigned multidirectional flow cage and upgraded, user-friendly controller. The brand-new Cloud Edition Gyres retain the same exact motor, blades, magnetic mounts, and overall specs as the previous XF series Gyres but boast some incredible improvements in the way of controlling the flow in your aquarium. 

Maxspect XF Gyre Pump side profile
Maxspect XF Gyre Cloud Controller
Maxspect Cloud Gyre front profile

XF330 Cloud Edition Gyre
  • Dimensions - 10.5"L x 2.5"W x 1.25"H
  • External Magnet Dimensions- 5"L x 0.5"W x 1.75"H
  • Max-Flow - 2350 GPH
  • Max Glass Thickness - 15mm / 1/2"
  • Max Power Consumption - 35 watts @ 24VDC
  • Controller to Pump Cable - 10ft
  • Controller to Power Supply - 5ft
  • Recommended for 25 up to 100+ gallon aquariums.

XF350 Cloud Edition Gyre
  • Dimensions - 12.75"L x 3"W x 1.5"H
  • External Magnet Dimensions-5"L x 0.5"W x 1.75"H
  • Max-Flow - 5280 GPH
  • Max Glass Thickness -20mm / 3/4"
  • Max Power Consumption - 52 watts @ 24VDC
  • Controller to Pump Cable - 10ft
  • Controller to Power Supply - 5ft
  • Recommended for 80 up to 800+ gallon aquariums.

Multidirectional Flow Cages

The most noticeable improvement with the Cloud Edition gyres is the redesigned flow cages that house the cylindrical impellers and direct the water flow as it exits the pumps. Each cage is now split into two segments for a total of four articulating segments across a single pump. This allows the user to direct the flow vertically up or down and distribute the flow more efficiently. 

Articulating Flow Cage
Flow deflectors

If that wasn't enough, each of the four segments accepts a brand new clip-on flow deflector giving you the ability to aim the flow horizontally, left to right. That creates a total of eight points of articulation across a single pump which means you can distribute flow in 4 different directions to target multiple areas, and ultimately reduce the number of powerheads or wavemakers you need inside your tank. 

Multidirectional Flow

Maxspect Cloud Edition Gyre Flow Pattern Examples
Articulating Flow Cage

Cloud Controller with Syna-G App

In the age of automation and control, wireless connectivity is something we have come to expect from modern aquarium equipment. The all-new Cloud Controllers do just that and incorporate the ability to connect and control your Gyre pumps using the Maxspect Syna-G control app right out of the box - no additional hardware (ICV6) required.  You also gain the benefit of a redesigned app experience and user-friendly presets that eliminates the need for complicated step-by-step programming without losing any flexibility or customization capabilities.

Cloud Controller manual settings
Syna-G app

One XF Cloud Controller can manage up to two XF Gyres and is compatible with any XF series pump. The large LCD screen is a dramatic improvement over the previous generation and makes it easy to see the status and configuration of connected pumps.  You can quickly navigate the menus using the 4 push buttons and choose from over 20 preset flow patterns right in the controller. You won't have to worry about fine-tuning settings such as pulse duration or flow direction.

When connected via Wifi to the Syna-G control app, the capabilities expand and you can easily create, save, and even share custom flow schedules where the pumps move through any configuration of flow patterns throughout a 24-hour period. You can choose from one of six preset flow schedules including SPS, LPS, Fish Only, or start from scratch to create your own custom schedule. You can adjust the feed hold times, get notified when it's time to maintain your pumps, and access your pumps from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 

Helpful Tips & FAQs

  • It is recommended that you disassemble, soak, and clean your XF Gyre pumps at least every 3 months to ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Maxspect has color-coded and labeled all of the parts making it easy to reassemble the pump after cleaning without getting any of the cages or impellers mixed up. You also get a spare set of bushings to reduce downtime while cleaning. 
  • You can operate up to x2 Gyre pumps using a single Cloud Controller. 
  • The Cloud Gyre Controller is compatible with the previous generation of XF series gyre pumps. There are two wired connections that will accept any combination of XF330 and XF350 pumps. 
  • You can save, export, and share custom flow schedules with other Gyre users using the Syna-G Cloud Gyre app
  • Cloud Gyre Controller syncs with your home Wifi network allowing you to access the pumps from anywhere in the world using the Syna-G app.
  • 20 preset flow patterns eliminate the need to program your gyre pumps manually
  • 6 preset flow schedules provide you with a template that can run standalone or customize to suit your needs.